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Preparation Checklist for your Spring Garden

Winter is the best time to prepare for spring planting season. By the time the season’s pollen has you sneezing, you could have everything on hand and in place for creating an outstanding outdoor area. The following preparation checklist can help you get a great start on a flourishing spring garden. Order Bulbs and Seeds Winter is the ideal time Read more…

Get Your Ground Ready – Springtime is Coming!

Spring is right around the corner. Now is the time to plan out the landscaping you have in mind for the coming season. By getting started on spring landscaping early, your investment will look better and last longer. Throughout the process, you always have help available to you at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply, to ensure the beautiful outcome you envision. Read more…

Create Edible Landscape with Square Foot Gardening

Thanks to square foot gardening (SFG), you can create a flourishing edible landscape that requires 2% the effort of a traditional edible garden. You get the added benefit of not having to bend over as far to tend your plants. Mel Bartholomew developed the SFG system in 1975, after he became a retired engineer and began gardening as a hobby. Read more…

Florida Gardening for Beginners

If you’ve been gardening in a different climate, you join the ranks of newbies and might benefit from Florida gardening tips for beginners. There are special considerations to be made along the coast, due to sandy soil, persistent ocean or gulf breezes, and other potential variables. Rest assured, though, that Florida is ideal for gardening. The following tips can help Read more…

Top Florida-Friendly Shrubs and Trees to Plant & Mistakes to Avoid

Options for flora and fauna in Florida may be more varied and exciting than you realize. True, plants friendly to sandy soil, humidity, heat, wind, and salt are often required; but that’s not a problem. Landscaping professionals have done the research and found some Florida-friendly shrubs and trees you can choose from, for a flourishing yard, no matter which part Read more…

Florida Winter Plant Protection Tips

Beautiful plants that thrive in Florida’s subtropical climate often suffer damage during brief periods of icy weather, unless they have sufficient winter plant protection. Planting a generous number of plants that stand up well to winter can help your landscaping withstand the occasional cold snap, with minimal protection of plants required. With winter in mind, plant tropical plant varieties to Read more…