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How To Reinvigorate Your Lawn with Over-seeding

Have you been thinking about adding lawn seeds to your existing lawn to achieve a more robust appearance? A vibrant green, lush lawn is the goal of most homeowners, but lawns are often more lifeless than luxuriant. And with such challenges as drought stress, insects, disease, sandy soil, and more, it’s no wonder Florida lawns are often sparse. Thankfully, there Read more…

Tips for Growing from Bulbs in Florida

Most people are familiar with seeds but don’t know a lot about bulbs, though, in Florida, planting bulbs is a great gardening decision. All bulbs are perennial plants, which means that they grow and bloom for more than one year. Plants that grow from seeds might be annuals, biennials, or perennials. Annuals die after one season and don’t return. A Read more…

Good Things To Know About Organic Flower Gardening

Organic gardening is an earth-friendly choice, and many people don’t realize that it’s a concept more involved than avoiding toxic fertilizers and pesticides. Imitating nature’s processes is at the heart of cultivating an organic flower garden, and the soil is a central consideration. Gathering the gardening supplies to support your organic gardening efforts is also key, and you can find Read more…

Hot Florida Weather Plant Care Tips

The stifling heat of summer in Florida can be tough on your landscape, and some extra care may be needed to keep your plants alive and thriving. The issues that put stress on plants in hot weather include excessive heat, not enough water, too much wind, and lack of mulch. Below, learn signs that your plants are in distress and Read more…

What are the Best Fruit Trees to Grow in Florida?

Florida is famous for growing oranges, but that’s just one of many fruit trees that flourish in The Sunshine State. The benefits you will enjoy if you decide to grow one or more fruit trees include cleaner air, lovely aesthetics, and delicious fresh fruit. You can talk to our garden specialists at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply about our wide selection Read more…

Low-Maintenance Garden Ideas

Gardens can be grown to perfectly suit the preferences of any gardener, and that includes low-maintenance gardeners. Whether you don’t have the time for heavy gardening work or you simply prefer to use your time in other ways, you can plant a garden that requires minimal attention. For anyone who wants help to ensure that they can kick back and Read more…