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Chemicals – Fungicides & Herbicides

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Herbicides and fungicides play an important role in ensuring your lawn and garden thrive. Fungicides are chemical formulas that prevent mold, mildew and fungal rot disease from killing plants, trees and grass. Herbicides are chemical formulas that attack and kill weeds and unwanted or invasive plants.

lutz fl fungicide and herbicide landscape chemicalsLawn & Plant Fungicides

We carry fungicides for lawns, trees and plants. Most are available in liquid form. We offer synthetic and organic fungicides. Organic fungicides, like neem oil, not only protect against fungal infections, they also help your plants thrive by protecting their roots. They are safe to use on vegetables along with other plants and trees.

Herbicides - Weed Killer

We carry a variety of herbicides including pre-emergent herbicides that stop weeds and plants before they grow, and post-emergent herbicides that can kill weeds and plants after they’ve taken root. When you use a herbicide, it is important to choose the right one. While some herbicides only attack specific types of weeds, there are herbicides that will kill any plant you spray. It’s important to read the labels to determine what type you are choosing.

Our selection includes leading herbicides like Roundup and Snapshot. We offer liquid formulas along with dry formula herbicides that need to be mixed with water. Both can be sprayed onto plants. Along with synthetic chemical mixes, we offer organic herbicides.

Homeowners and contractors throughout the Tampa area rely on us for their landscaping chemicals. At Cypress Creek Landscape Supply, we have the best selection of synthetic and organic fungicides and pesticides to ensure your plants, trees and lawn thrive without being choked out by weeds or fungal infections.