Is There Any Way to Fix The Drainage of a Soggy Lawn
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Drainage Tips to Avoid a Soggy Lawn

Some written words of horror writer Stephen King relate well to soggy lawns that lack proper drainage. In his book Different Seasons, he says, “There’s no harm in hoping for the best as long as you’re prepared for the worst.” A soggy lawn can truly be a nightmare, but the right prep for rainy days can give you the landscape of your happiest dreams. Some tips for improving the drainage in your landscape follow, and all the supplies you may need can be found at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply.

Problems Associated with a Soggy Lawn

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Unsightliness is just one problem with a soggy lawn. Too much concentrated water can wreak various kinds of havoc in any yard. If wearing rubber boots to get around is appropriate in your yard, that’s a mere inconvenience. Below, check out some of the more ominous reasons there’s little to nothing desirable about a soggy lawn:

  • The health of a lawn can be devastated in soggy conditions as roots tend to rot in such environments.
  • Your home could be negatively affected, such as water leaking into your basement.
  • Soggy lawns are notorious for diminishing property values.
  • Curb appeal is typically downgraded by lawn sogginess.
  • Having to constantly deal with mud tracked inside your home by kids and pets is an ongoing hassle.
  • The foundation of your home could become damaged if sogginess in your lawn contributes to excessive soil erosion.

Drainage Tips to Avoid a Soggy Lawn

Saturation, packed earth, and lack of adequate drainage are among the causes of a soggy lawn. Although Florida lawns tend to be on the sandy side, compacted dirt can also be present if the soil is clay-heavy or if heavy foot traffic or heavy equipment has had an impact. Although winter is not typically the wettest season in Florida, the rains are coming! You can get prepared before damage occurs to your lawn as a result of sogginess. The following are tips to avoid a soggy lawn:

  • decorative walkway, tampa flIf the conditions in your lawn include compacted earth, aerate your lawn. Aeration improves drainage and helps root health. If aeration is poorly timed, it can stress the grass. Waiting too long can mean dealing with a soggy landscape.
  • Adding one or more retaining walls is often the best solution for soggy lawns. Retaining walls can improve conditions if you have a sloped lawn and need to stop downhill erosion. Well-placed retaining walls can add to the aesthetics of your landscaping while
    eliminating soggy patches.
  • Use boulders and stones to install a dry creek bed on your lawn. The benefit of a dry creek bed is that it can direct the water where you want it to go to help eliminate soggy areas. In addition to eradicating swampy lawn conditions, adding a dry creek bed also gives a boost to aesthetics.
  • Another common solution for lawn sogginess is to install a French drain. Essentially, a French drain is a rock-filled trench or a perforated pipe that channels surface water from one area to another.

Visit Cypress Creek Landscape Supply

If you live in or near Tampa FL, Cypress Creek Landscape Supply is the best place to go for supplies. Professional landscapers and homeowners alike prefer our Garden Oasis with two acres of supplies, including bulk materials. Prepare for coming rains and eliminate the potential ‘horrors’ of a soggy lawn by addressing drainage issues without delay. Cypress Creek Landscape Supply is at 12734 N. Florida Ave., where you will find a beautiful selection of rocks, gravel, and boulders suitable for retaining walls, dry creek beds, and French drains. Stop by or call us at (813) 933-7944 today.