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6 Plants that Flower All Winter Long in Florida

The Florida climate allows for year-round blossoms, including some that flower throughout the winter season. Some prep is required for gardeners in the Sunshine State to enjoy colorful winter plants. For gardening success, plant flowers ideal for the zone you... Read more

Choosing Wildflowers for Zone 9 Gardens

Gardeners throughout the southern region of the US love to plant Zone 9 wildflowers. These native wildflowers are heat-tolerant and hearty because they’ve adapted to the climate, soil, and patterns of irrigation. There are benefits to choosing Zone 9 wildflowers,... Read more

Identifying Causes of Brown Spots on Your Lawn

Keeping a green lawn free of brown spots is a great achievement because it can seem impossible. So many different things can cause dead or dying patches of grass, it’s highly irritating! The following is a list of possible causes... Read more

Adding Pottery to Your Outside Landscaping or Indoor Decorating

Backyards with even the best landscape design often seem as if something’s missing. What may be missing is tastefully designed pottery that compliments all the other elements in a lush outdoor environment What to think about when you think about... Read more

Create Your Own Blueprint for Landscape Design

Avoid being overwhelmed as a beginner tackling landscape design by recognizing the task as a building project. Although you aren’t likely hammering boards together, you are creating structure with plants and other elements in a pleasing way that will enhance... Read more

Fall & Winter Plantings That Do Well in Florida

In Florida, fall and winter are ideal times to create, maintain and enjoy your garden landscape. The weather cools off, there’s not as much rain and it’s more comfortable spending time working in the yard. A lot of different plants... Read more

Using Stone for Landscaping Beds & Ground Cover

For many residential and commercial properties, adding stones in select areas can beautify and stabilize the landscape design. Smaller stones such as river rocks, beach pebbles, gravel and crushed rock are ideal in a wide range of applications and bring... Read more

Best Plants to Use for Ground Cover in Florida

The term “ground cover” refers to the many plants that are ideal for gardens and landscaping accents. Because of our special weather considerations in the Tampa region of central Florida, not every variety of ground cover will work optimally. Plants... Read more

All Windchimes Are NOT Created Equal!

You’ve probably encountered your share of windchimes throughout your life.  You may even have purchased a set or two.  You know how they how they look and how they sound.  But the fact is, you can’t know the true beauty and majesty of windchimes until you see and... Read more