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Small Shrubs

Small shrubs are an attractive landscaping solution for borders around a property line, porch or drive way. They can also be used as a natural border around a garden bed or as a backdrop to annual and perennial flowers or ground covers. The plants that fall into this category either mature to be no more than 3 feet tall or are intended to be pruned to maintain that height.

‘Dwarf’ shrubs are varieties that either grow slowly or have a short stature when mature. If you are looking for low maintenance shrubbery, ‘dwarf’ shrubs are the best choice.

We have a large variety of small shrubs in our Garden Center ranging from lush flowering shrubs, like Dwarf Azaleas and Drift Roses, to hardy green bushes, like Junipers and Japanese Boxwood.

Medium Height Shrubs

Medium-height shrubs are ideal for hedges and accents. These mid-size shrubs range in height from 4 to 6 feet when mature. They can be used to add privacy around a pool, fence or walkway. They can also be used as accents around an entrance, in a flower bed or as standalone landscaping accents.

Many of the most attractive varieties of shrubs are in this category which is why they are planted as much for their beauty as for practical purposes. Some varieties grow slowly and may begin as short shrubs. Other varieties grow at a normal rate and should be trimmed regularly to maintain the ideal height of 4 to 6 feet.

At Cypress Creek Landscape Supply, you’ll find a wide selection of medium shrubs from beautiful shrubs like Boxwood and Firebush to popular varieties like Gardenia and Hibiscus to exotic varieties like Angel’s Trumpet and Orange Bird-of-Paradise.

large ground covering shrubs at garden center in tampa fl

Large Shrubs

Large shrubs can be used for many landscaping purposes from acting as a focal point in a circular drive way to creating a tall privacy barrier. These plush, ornate shrubs are over 6 feet tall. Many also grow wide as well as tall. It is important to pick the right spot for these shrubs so that it has enough space for it when it reaches maturity

You will find some of the most unique shrubs in this category from tropical plants like False Aralia and White Bird-of-Paradise to lavish flowering plants like Oleander and Jatropha. There are also many varieties of dense green shrubs like Eugenia, Sea Grape and Ming Aralia.

Stop by our Garden Center at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply to view our wide selection of small, medium and large shrubs! Find out for yourself why homeowners, contractors, landscape designers and landscape architectures throughout Tampa Bay reply on us for all of their landscaping needs.