Improve Curb Appeal & Home Safety With These Landscape Lighting Tips
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Landscape Lighting for Curb Appeal & Safety

The possibilities for improving curb appeal and home safety with landscape lighting are vast. Although not a do-it-yourself endeavor, adding landscape lighting is a clever investment. The expertise of a landscape lighting specialist is a necessary element of a successful landscape lighting project. For help with the landscape itself, Cypress Creek Landscape Supply is the place to go. Learn more about the benefits of landscape lighting below.

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Multi-Layered Benefits of Landscape Lighting

A landscape lighting project is genuinely exciting because there are numerous benefits to be enjoyed. Ambient lighting combined with task lights, security lights, and stunning accents makes for well-designed landscape lighting. Your home and yard can have as much curb appeal at night as during the daytime.

Path Lights

Path lighting set along walkways can lead guests safely to your front door. This type of lighting is most pleasing when the fixtures provide non-glaring light that is primarily directed downward. For eye-pleasing appeal, avoid creating a runway effect. Path lights should not be positioned
in straight lines.

Other Focal Points for Lighting

The following are other specific considerations for landscape lighting, each with their own uniqueness:

  • The beauty of a tree does not need to be reserved for daylight hours when you have landscape lighting. Bullet, flood, well, and downlights are good options for trees.
  • To highlight architectural details on your home and bring your home facade to life in the darkness, bullet and wash lights are often used.
  • Garden walls, water features, and decks are among the many other home and landscaping elements that can be enhanced at night with landscape lighting.

landscape lighting, northdale flOptions in Landscape Lighting

The leading reason professionals are needed for a landscape lighting project is their knowledge. Only experienced individuals know the many intricacies of the undertaking. What are the many available types of lighting, their benefits, and other considerations, such as limiting electricity costs without sacrificing the overall effectiveness and impact of the lighting? Knowing which lighting brands are the best and most durable also helps save homeowners money, along with other minutiae. The following information touches on the possibilities for the kinds of lighting you can choose for your landscape.

High Impact, Low Voltage

Using a low-voltage lighting system is an excellent solution for landscape lighting. A transformer is used to reduce the normal line voltage of 120 or 277 volts to 12 or 24 volts. Low-voltage lighting applications can include track lighting, pendant lighting, display lighting, and landscape lights. When endeavoring to provide light in an area that is difficult to access or a tight space, low-voltage lighting really shines.

The primary limitation of low-voltage lighting is distance because the lighting can only get a limited distance from the transformer box. There are numerous pros and cons to consider before choosing a lighting strategy.


Decorative landscape lights powered by the sun are the easiest to use. No wiring is required for solar lights. They simply need to be placed in a sunny spot. At the arrival of dusk, the lights come on automatically, spotlighting the pathway for guests.

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