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Seeds & Sprouts

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Watching seeds you’ve planted push through the soil and grow is a pleasure for many gardeners. Whether you’re planting a flower bed or garden, you will find the best selection of annual flower seeds, vegetable seeds and sprouts at Cypress Creek Landscaping. Many unusual varieties of vegetables and annual flowers that aren’t grown in our nursery are available as seeds or sprouts. With a little love and care, you can grow them into hardy plants. If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, we can order it for you.


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Wide Selection Of Vegetable & Flower Seeds

Our selection of seeds and sprouts isn’t limited to vegetables and flowers. If you need grass seeds or grass plugs, you can find them here. We carry all the best grasses for Florida’s climate. Our selection includes Rye Seeds, Argentine Bahia Seeds, plugs of Palmetto and plugs of Zoysia.

Perennial rye grass is popular throughout the Unites States because it germinates and spreads quickly. When it is maintained, it grows into lush, fine-blades.

Argentine Bahia grass is perfect for the Tampa Bay area because of its heat tolerance and resilience. In the right soil, it grows into a low-maintenance, low-growing lawn.

Palmetto grass plugs have a high tolerance for salty soil. This grass can flourish in the sun or shade and withstand high temperatures. It grows into dark green turf.

Zoysia grass plugs are perfect for high traffic areas and slopes. This grass grows thick, choking out weeds and replacing other grasses. It thrives in hot temperatures and doesn’t need to be watered as often as other grasses.

You don’t have to settle for a sparse or patchy lawn. The rights grass seeds or plugs can transform your yard into the lush green lawn you desire. Don’t know what kind of grass would thrive in your yard? Give us a call! Our lawn and garden experts work with residents, contractors and landscape designers to determine the find the best grass for every type of soil.