Reasons Why You Will Love a Rain Garden In Your Yard
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What Is a Rain Garden?

rain garden, lutz flA rain garden is a collection of plants in a depressed area of your lawn that can filter and absorb rainwater runoff. Environmentally friendly, rain gardens provide multiple benefits. A rain garden is certainly something to consider if your lawn has one or more low-lying areas. If you live in or around Tampa FL, keep in mind that you are likely to find everything you need for adding a rain garden to your lawn at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply.

Benefits of a Rain Garden

Rain gardens help to preserve local ecosystems using natural resources, and they are also excellent for preserving native flowers. The following benefits of rain gardens explain more fully the purpose of adding one to landscaping and how they could help your lawn and protect your home.

Environmental advantages. When you channel rainwater runoff from your home into a rain garden, it means that there will be less channel erosion and less rain in the storm sewer system. This also means fewer suspended solids and less pollution will be dumped into rivers, streams, and other waterways.

Filter harmful chemicals. When runoff from homes and other buildings is collected and filtered in a rain garden, fewer harmful chemicals and pesticides will be transferred to or from your lawn when rainfall is heavy.

Reduce standing water. Rain gardens reduce the amount of standing water in your lawn, and that means fewer troublesome mosquitoes and less growth of harmful bacteria.

Water conservation. For the most part, rain gardens are self-maintaining. Less external irrigation will be needed if you are careful about the vegetation you choose for your rain garden.

Protection from flooding. If your rain garden is positioned at least 10 feet from your home and from other structures, it could reduce the amount of rain flowing into your basement or in the direction of your sewer. Allowing the water to soak into the ground reduces localized flooding, improves water quality, and replenishes the local groundwater.

Habitat creation. Plant native plants with deep roots in your rain garden for the following reasons:

  • They survive best because they are adapted to the weather, seasons, and climate;
  • They attract pollinators and wildlife, providing food and shelter; and
  • Various butterflies, birds, and beneficial insects are supported.

Enhance curb appeal. The types of native plants in Florida that you can showcase and preserve are vibrant in color and display aesthetically appealing textures. If you care about curb appeal and/or hope to boost the resale value of your home, rain gardens are perfect additions to your landscape.

mulch products, westchase flHow are Rain Gardens Maintained?

If you decide to add one or more rain gardens to your landscape, many simple how-to guides are available. Once installed, rain gardens are low-
maintenance areas. The following is typically all you need for regular maintenance of a rain garden:

  • Keep up with mulching because the mulch will keep the soil moist. Also, mulch makes it easier for new plants to find their roots. After storms and heavy rainfall, rearranging and refreshing the mulch is needed.
  • Keep weeds and dead plants away with regular weeding and necessary cutting.
  • Replace soil as well as mulch, as needed and add fertilizer or compost, and create barriers that will help protect the plants from destructive insects and other wildlife.
  • Monitor the water level in your rain garden routinely so that your plants can thrive during dry spells or drought.

More Answers to What is a Rain Garden?

Have you been wondering, what is a rain garden? Cypress Creek Landscape Supply’s experts are available on-site and on the phone to help you plan, build, maintain, and expand your rain garden. We have the plants and all other supplies needed for creating a rain garden and for all of your lawn and garden needs. Visit our destination landscape supply and our 2-acre Garden Center Oasis located at 12734 N. Florida Ave. or call us today at (813) 933-7944.