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Hedges are a beneficial additional to any landscape. Hedge plants can be a handy barrier around landscaping features, such as driveways and paths, or provide privacy from neighboring properties. They can also serve an aesthetic purpose by beautify your lawn or masking imperfections such as uneven ground.

shrubs and hedges for sale at plant nursery garden center in tampa flPlants & Shrubs In Plant Nursery

We carry an extensive assortment of plants and shrubs that make ideal hedges. We have shrubs that will add color to your lawn, like Gold Mounds, or bloom with flowers, like Indian Hawthorns. Our selection includes tropical plants like Areca Palms that grow fast and thrive in average soil with any type of lighting. We also have shrubs that are native Florida like the Cocoplum 'Red Tip', an ornate evergreen with small edible plums that can tolerate seasonal flooding. These are just a few of the hedge plants you can find in our Garden Center.

Stop by Cypress Creek Landscape Supply to view our full selection of hedge plants! Find out for yourself why we are where landscaping pros in Tampa go to buy. If you don’t know what types of plants would flourish best in your yard, speak to one of our garden experts. We are happy to point you in the right direction.