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Potting Soil – Landscape & Gardening Materials

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Potting soil is a growth medium that is made of a mixture of peat, loam, sand, and nutrients that is ideal for gardens and plants growing in containers. It is made with nutrient rich materials that will hold just the right amount of water and are aerated or porous for optimal root growth (roots grow in open spaces).

compost for gardening in lutz flPotting Soil & It's Purpose

Growth mediums, like potting soil, have three primary purposes: to supply plants with the nutrients, air and water they need, physically support the roots, and create the condition for maximal root growth. There are many different types of potting soil. Some are specially formulated for specific plants, like orchids or African violets, while others are made for different environments like an indoor container or outdoor garden.

Compost is another growth medium. It is made of decomposing organic matter such as grass clippings, leaves, wood waste, and animal manure from farm animals. Compost is nutrient dense containing all the minor and major nutrients for optimal plant growth. It slowly releases these nutrients as the organic material decomposes, continuously feeding plants. For plants that need a lot of nutrients, it is a good idea to mix compost with potting soil to create the best growth medium for your plants.

We carry a wide selection of homemade and commercial potting soil and compost so that you can find the best growth medium for your potted plants or vegetable gardens. If you don’t know what type would be best for your potted plants or vegetable garden, ask one of us! We can help you find the best one for your plants. You can purchase potting soil by the yard or bagged. If you live in the Tampa Bay area, we can deliver it to you!