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Sand – Screened Limestone

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Sand is a versatile landscape material that has many applications from functional to decorative. Fine screened limestone sand is the most popular type because of its durability, strength and attractiveness. It is used for everything from landscaping and home improvement to construction.

screened limestone sand fill material for outdoor construction landscapingSand As a Fill Material & Mixer

Since it compacts well, it is a perfect base material for laying down natural stone pavers or concrete slabs. It is equally ideal to mix concrete, improve soil quality or for drainage. The beautiful, subtle color of limestone sand also makes it a popular choice to fill driveways, paths and patios. You can increase your home’s value by using sand to improve it’s curb appeal.

Whether you need sand to add natural beauty to your landscape or as a foundation for a project, give us a call or stop by our location! We sell fine screened limestone sand by the yard at an affordable price. We deliver to residents and contractors throughout the Tampa Bay.

If you don’t know how much sand you need, check out our Project Calculator! Type in the measurements of your project area to find out how much you’ll need.