Creating A Private Living Space in Your Back Yard This Spring 2021
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Privacy – Top Outdoor Living Space Idea for 2021

Interest in outdoor living space ideas for 2021 is booming, thanks to the worldwide pandemic that has kept folks home more than ever before. Once you gather ideas, visit Cypress Creek Landscape Supply for the convenience of finding everything you need for a privacy upgrade, including plants, furniture & decor, and bulk items such as mulch, sand, soil, stone, and gravel. Check out the following outdoor living space trends for 2021 that enhance privacy.

private backyard options, lutz flOutdoor Privacy

Private outdoor living spaces are in great demand. Whatever landscaping designs you create within your enclosure, the enclosure itself is the next step for many people. Of course, curb appeal should never be sacrificed in the pursuit of privacy in your outdoor living area. One of the following ideas for creating enhanced privacy may be perfect for you.

Plant Hangings

To enjoy immediate results, create a plant-hanging structure in which a living wall of potted plants provides the desired privacy. Another plant hanging option is to purchase a garden wall grid for a ready-made approach to shrouding your outdoor living area in seclusion.


High Hedges

Plant high hedges and create a living fence. Unless you can afford to start with mature plants, the downside of growing a living fence is that patience is required. Grown and filled-out plants will provide the desired retreat.


Bamboo is one of the world’s fastest-growing plants. Create a cozy bamboo wall of privacy while allowing breezes to get through the lush greenery to you. Beware, though, because bamboo is stubbornly invasive. Pros advise planting them in containers or beds that provide hefty barriers.

Go Modern and Industrial

The industrial style for indoor and outdoor décor is seriously trending and can provide you with an instant solution for backyard privacy. Install corrugated metal fencing around your outdoor area to keep out prying eyes. The look can be beautifully complemented with stone, concrete, and/or gravel. This corrugated metal fencing is durable and budget-friendly.

Pergola with Vines

Add a pergola with sides to your outdoor living space. Plant vines and other twining plants to fill in the gaps. Fertilize as recommended to speed up the process. The results are worth waiting for.

private landscaping ideas, south tampa flElevate the Landscape!

There is an immediate solution for outdoor privacy if you opt to create a vertical and horizontal showcase with multiple levels. A cascading landscape will not only provide you with a discrete area but will also enhance the amount of beauty that you surround yourself with.

Privacy Screens or Curtains

Another instant solution for outdoor privacy is the purchase of privacy screens or outdoor curtains. The addition of a sturdy trellis can provide a living privacy screen, with time.

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