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landscape store in tampa fl selling treesNo landscape would be complete without trees. The right trees can transform your yard into a fragrant garden or a tropical oasis. They provide shade and act as a wind bearer. Most of all, they make a landscape complete by adding extra color and height.

At Cypress Creek Landscape Supply, you can find the perfect trees to complement any landscape design. We have many varieties of fruit trees and palm trees in our Garden Center.

Fruit Trees

One of the benefits of our mild climate is that it’s ideal for many fruit trees. They are a wonderful addition to any lawn or garden. Fruit trees bloom in flower in the spring and bear fruit in the summer. They can thrive in a planter or rooted in the ground. No matter where you choose to plant them, you will be able to enjoy ripe, fresh fruit grown at home. We have a wide selection of fruit trees including varieties of mango trees, orange trees, avocado trees and peach trees. We also have grapefruit trees, lemon trees and lime trees.


Florida is known for our palm trees. These exotic trees can make any yard look like a tropical retreat. We grow many different kinds of palm trees and palmettos that thrive in the Tampa Bay area. In our Garden Center, you will find short palms, like the Robellini Palm and Sabal Palm (Blue Palmetto or Cabbage Palm) along with tall palms like the Fox Tail Palm, Fishtail Palm, Canary Island Date Palm (Pineapple Palm) and Coconut Palm.

pine trees and flowering tree in tampa fl

Landscape architects and landscape designers, along with homeowners and contractors, across Tampa Bay rely on our Garden Center for beautiful, flourishing trees to complete their landscaping projects. Our pros can help you pick out the perfect palm or fruit trees for your garden. Our garden specialists are happy to share their expertise with you. If you don’t see the type of tree you are looking for, let us know! We can track it down for you.

Drop by to view our wide selection of sapling trees in person!