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Pesticides, like insecticides, play a valuable role in protecting plants from pests like mites, snails, slugs, roundworms and rodents. While people use these words interchangeably, insecticides are actually a type of pesticide. “Pesticide” is a broad term for any chemical formulation designed to repel, kill or manage pests that feed on plants. Insecticides are chemical formulas that are specifically designed to target and kills insects.

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Before using any type of pesticide, it is important to discern what pest you need to target. For example, before choosing an insecticide, you need to know what type or types of insects are feeding on your plants. Some insecticides can kill or deter a wide range of insects while other insecticides are only formulated to attract and kill specific insects. For example, fire ant bait is only effective if you are battling fire ants.

We carry a wide selection of general pesticides and insecticides to target common pests in the Tampa area. Homeowners and contractors rely on us to find professional grade chemicals to protect their plants and kill pests. Whether you are looking for organic pesticides made with only natural ingredients, or tough synthetic chemicals, you can find them at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply.