Would a Retaining Wall Be a Good Idea for My Yard?
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Why You Should Consider Installing Retaining Walls

landscape wall, northdale flThe need for retaining walls on steep slopes is easy to understand, but there are other good reasons to consider installing retaining walls as part of your landscape. They solve problems and provide benefits. In the Tampa area, many homeowners and professional landscapers have discovered that an ideal place to get the supplies for a retaining wall is at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply. The following insights may convince you to check out our selection of bulk supplies so that you can install a retaining wall.

When is a Retaining Wall Needed?

The overall best benefit of a retaining wall is that it provides extra support for soil stability and erosion prevention. The battle
against gravity is a common issue on slopes, and retaining walls provide a perfect solution. You may also need a retaining wall in the following circumstances:

  • Management of water runoff is important because the way rainwater flows through a property can have a destructive effect. What retaining walls do is help to slow down streams of rainwater and direct the moisture toward a beneficial use. For instance, managing water runoff with a retaining wall can help create a scenic rain garden.
  • Human beings have put retaining walls to good use for thousands of years, transforming sloped land into usable terrain. Retaining walls create land areas suitable for growing produce and doing other activities on level ground.
  • Do you need to stop downhill erosion? A retaining wall minimizes erosion because it reduces the gravitational pull of the soil by decreasing the angle of the slope. You could be preventing sinkholes by adding a retaining wall, and you may even enjoy greater peace of mind knowing you have increased soil stabilization.
  • The foundation of a home can be threatened by erosion. If you have noticed that the soil around your downhill foundation has been washing away, it may be important for you to contact professionals for a retaining wall that prevents foundation damage.

Added Benefits of Installing Retaining Walls

Installing a retaining wall can be a do-it-yourself endeavor. Whether tackling a DIY project or hiring experienced experts, adding a retaining wall is something to consider for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • The aesthetic appeal of retaining walls can be off the charts. You may decide to add a retaining wall not so much because it’s needed but because it is an eye-pleasing landscaping feature.
  • Rocks can upgrade any landscape, and there are various types of rocks that will make a nice retaining wall.
  • The possibilities for creativity in your landscape can get a boost with the addition of a retaining wall.

Visit Cypress Creek Landscape Supply

landscape retaining wall rocks, citris park, flThe selection of rocks at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply is likely to be everything you would want. Large rocks that are usable for retaining walls include:

  • Fieldstone Natural Thin, which is popular for the construction of patios and walls and useful for installing retaining walls.
  • Dark black stone called Black Luster has a sparkle to it.
  • Beautiful swirls of caramel and white are in Zion Canyon Rubble Stone, a popular type of rock in southwest landscaping.
  • Caribbean Sunset Boulders are available in three different sizes, and they are frequently used for retaining walls and lining stream beds.

We have all the other bulk items you may need as well as a beautiful plant selection and all basic landscaping supplies. Visit our two-acre garden oasis at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply located at 12734 N. Florida Ave. when you are ready to install a retaining wall anywhere in the Tampa FL area. Or give us a call today at (813) 933-7944. We deliver!