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Palms trees and palmettos can transform a backyard into a tropical oasis. They thrive here in the sunny state of Florida. There are many varieties from desert palms to cold-tolerant palms, short palms to tall palms. When you choose a palm or palmetto, it is important to pay attention to it’s sun preferences, temperature tolerance and nutrient needs to ensure that it will flourish where you plant it.

palm trees in landscaping supply tampa flTypes Of Palm Trees In Our Garden Center

You can find a large assortment of popular palms and palmettos at our Garden Center. We have short palms, like the Robellini Palm that ranges from 3 to 5 feet tall and has dark shiny green fawns, and fast growing palms like Fox Tail Palm which thrives in many different types of soil. You can also find tall, unique palm trees like the Fishtail Palm with its unusually shaped leaves that look like a shinny fish tail hanging off of a thick stem or the Canary Island Date Palm also known as the Pineapple Palm because of its crown that’s resembles a pineapple. You can pick up popular palm trees, like Coconut Trees, or beautiful, low-maintenance palmettos like the Sabal Palm tree also known as a Blue Palmetto or Cabbage Palm from our Garden Center.

Visit us to find the perfect palm to transform your landscape into a tropical getaway. We provide palm trees for homeowners, contractors, landscape artists and landscape architects throughout the Tampa Bay.