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Flowering Plants – Perennials

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Incorporating flowers into your landscaping can transform a drab lawn into a beautiful vista. There are two kinds of flowering plants that you can choose from: perennials and annuals. Annuals typically need to be replaced every year because they usually only bloom for one. Perennials only need to be planted once and they will continue to bloom year after year.

Pro & Cons Of Perennials

Perennials are incredibly popular because they come back every year for at least three years. One of the drawbacks of perennials is that many only flower for one season. Fortunately, because of Florida’s mild climate, seasons here last much longer. There are also ever-blooming perennials that have many blooming cycles throughout the year. A number of perennials in Southern Florida are considered annuals in other regions. These flowering plants are the most sensitive to cool temperatures.

There is a wide range of ways to incorporate perennials into your landscaping. Perennial flowering plants are popular as ground cover in lawns, flowerbeds and tree beds. They can be added as a filler between shrubs. They can be the stars of a flower bed or used to create a colorful border around a walkway or garden. Perennials are especially perfect for butterfly gardens since many attract these beautiful, delicate creatures. They can also be used to add color to a patio or porch in hanging baskets or planters.

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Large Variety Of Butterfly Flowers

Whether you’re looking for the best perennial flowers for a window box or butterfly garden, you can find them at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply. In our Garden Center, we have a large selection of perennial flowering plants that flourish in the Tampa Bay. We have popular South Florida perennials like Blue Daze, Periwinkle (Vinca), Bush Daisies and Buttercups. We also have Cat's Whiskers, Lantana, Mexican Heather, and Pentas. You will find perennials that bloom in every color from white, yellow, and pink to blue, purple and more.

If you don’t have a naturally green thumb, don’t worry! We can provide you with much more assistance than the brief instructions, typed on thin plastic strips, you get from big box stores. Our garden experts can give you tips on the best place in your yard to plant your perennials and point you towards planting mixes or fertilizer to help your plants thrive.

Visit our Garden Center to find the largest selection of flowering plants to add color to your landscape!