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Adding a Water Feature to Your Backyard

Would you like your garden to feel more like a getaway, and do you long for soothing sounds of nature? Adding a water feature will increase the level of tranquility you experience in your personal oasis. You can choose an... Read more

Pointers on Planting Florida Perennials 

Alliteration can grab notice for a blog article much like Florida perennials can steal the show in any landscape. A “perennial” is a plant that lives for three years or more and yields bursts of flowers cyclically. Florida has many... Read more

Ideas for a Low-Care, Low-Cost Florida Landscape

A trademark feature in Florida neighborhoods is a stunning lawn. You may want a nice lawn but lack the time, finances, inclination, or knowhow to compete with the Joneses. Landscaping doesn’t have to be a bank-breaker or a competitive sport.... Read more

25 of the Best Gardening Tips Ever

Even gardeners with the greenest of thumbs can sometimes use all the help they can get. One way to enhance your gardening experience is to visit the best Garden Center in the Tampa FL area. Cypress Creek Landscape Supply is... Read more

Selecting & Placing Boulders and Rocks

Boulders and rocks are excellent additions to any outdoor setting. Once you decide you’re going to use landscape boulders for your yard, next comes selection and placement. Areas where rock is either absent or rare will have fewer selections for... Read more

How to Protect your Florida Plants during a Freeze

Are you prepared to protect sensitive plants during occasional Florida freezes in fall and winter? If you want to save your plants, keep a close watch on weather reports. Predictions of frost mean to get your supplies ready and take... Read more

Tips for Watering Your Garden

Have your landscaping efforts been spoiled by patches of brown, crunchy grass? It’s not usually easy to maintain a Florida lawn, partly thanks to the sandy soil that’s naturally resistant to saturation. Proper watering methods can usually provide just the... Read more

Florida Gardening in November

November is a great gardening month in Florida. Suggestions for what to plant in Central Florida in November follow. First, though, is some general gardening information about the season. As you learn Florida gardening tips, keep in mind that Cypress... Read more

Tips For Planting Small Shrubs

Small shrubs can provide just the touch needed to create your perfect landscape in Florida. A small shrub is one that can be trimmed to have 3 feet in height or less. You can choose from low growers and from... Read more

Mulch FAQs

Cypress Creek Landscape Supply answers frequently asked questions below. You can always visit our Garden Center and ask our experts any other questions you may have plus get all the supplies needed for your garden. Mulch, topsoil, pebbles, and other... Read more