How Can I Protect and Water My Plants During the Summer?
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Tips for Watering Your Garden

Have your landscaping efforts been spoiled by patches of brown, crunchy grass? It’s not usually easy to maintain a Florida lawn, partly thanks to the sandy soil that’s naturally resistant to saturation. Proper watering methods can usually provide just the solution needed for dead, patchy grass. You may need fill dirt or other lawn supplies, and you can find everything required for a beautiful lawn at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply. Helpful tips for watering your lawn follow.

Watering your plants during the summer Avoid Haphazard Watering

The two worst watering methods are to depend only on rainfall and to only water briefly and infrequently. Now-and-then watering creates stress and weakens grass, making it more vulnerable to disease and pests. Some make the mistake of thinking that if they plant native Florida plants, no irrigation is required. That’s not correct, but filling your landscape with Florida-friendly plants does reduce the amount of watering needed.

As you transition to better watering practices, keep in mind that local watering regulations should always be followed.

Best Time to Water Grass

It makes a big difference what time of day you water your lawn. It’s not good to water at night because fungus and disease can grow as a result of moisture left on blades of grass. In midday, watering isn’t recommended because these are hours when more water is lost to evaporation.

There is 60% less evaporation loss when you water during the coolest hours in the early morning. The natural condition of the grass isn’t altered when you water while it is still wet from dew, which is another plus.

When nighttime watering is unavoidable, stop before the sun goes down, if possible, so that the grass has an opportunity to dry.

How Long to Water

Beautiful landscaping flowers in Auburndale Florida The type of irrigation system you have determines how long you should water your grass and plants. It always helps to know the types of plants in your yard and water them according to their specific needs. Flowers, trees, and palms, for instance, require regular watering in satisfying amounts. Shrubs, however, have specific needs based on the circumstances. For instance, newly planted shrubs need to be weaned off of the daily watering that occurs at the garden center. For two to three months, water the shrubs daily. Once established for three months or more, brief watering cycles once or twice weekly are usually sufficient.




Florida lawns thrive best with an average of ½” to ¾” of water per application. This amount of watering encourages deep, healthy root growth because the root zone has been saturated. During the hot summer months, however, 1” of water per application is recommended.

How Often to Water Grass

During the hottest months, water two or three times per week, depending on how dry the weather has been.

During winter, once-per-week watering, on average, is usually sufficient. Watering is required less often in winter because when the weather is cold, grass and plants don’t grow.

Keep in mind that soil can quickly dry out due to the drying winds of winter, which can make plants more susceptible to cold damage.

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