How to Have a Stunning Low Cost and Low Care Lawn in Florida
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Ideas for a Low-Care, Low-Cost Florida Landscape

A trademark feature in Florida neighborhoods is a stunning lawn. You may want a nice lawn but lack the time, finances, inclination, or knowhow to compete with the Joneses. Landscaping doesn’t have to be a bank-breaker or a competitive sport. Getting everything you need doesn’t have to be difficult, either. Cypress Creek Landscape Supply in Tampa is a premier garden center with all the handy supplies needed to create and maintain a landscape in the style of your choice.

The following are some ideas for low-cost, low-maintenance landscapes that could provide the encouragement you need to nurture your own scenic patch of nature.

Green Monochrome

If you don’t go in for flowery patches of color, why not create a landscape in varying shades of green? Choose plants, shrubs, and fronds in lively hues for a rainbow of green. Monochrome landscapes have been a recent trend and do great for improving curb appeal.

Choose Plants that Flourish in Florida

Fill your landscape with Florida-friendly, drought-tolerant, pest-resistant plants that require minimal watering. Experts at the Cypress Creek Landscape Supply can help you find robust plants known to thrive in the challenging soil conditions of the Sunshine State. Just be sure to place the plants in the recommended conditions, such as light and soil moisture requirements, salt tolerance, height, and spread.

Moveable flower planters Tampa AreaUse Moveable Planters

In and around your patio area, use moveable planters. Watering and trimming plants are easier tasks since you can care for the plants on your patio or deck. Raising healthy plants in a planter is easier, too, as long as good soil mix is used. Pests and weeds are kept away with less effort, as well. You can create beautiful variety in patterns and heights with groupings of planters.

Go Wild with Native Plants

You can breathe easy when your landscape has a variety of native plants that naturally thrive in the Tampa area. An assortment of native plants that do great in the Florida sunshine and soil conditions can provide you with a gorgeous low-maintenance outdoor setting. You can’t go wrong going native.

Set a Serene Scene

Nature is a great cure for stress. Make sure your landscaping woos you to enjoy outdoor living space. Add some cozy patio furniture surrounded by easy-care container plants of various sizes and types, including herbs and flowers for lovely aromatics. For soothing sounds of water, add a water fountain, too. Create a soothing space with seating that inspires nearness and then simply unwind. Watering is needed more frequently when plants are in containers, and it can give you a sense of purpose in the serene setting.

Garden Ornaments Benches Tampa AreaAdd Ornamentals

Landscaping can have enhanced visual interest when you add ornamental elements. There are many different kinds of ornaments to choose from, such as bird feeders, trellises and other adornments that support plants, and colorful pottery.

Visit Cypress Creek Landscape Supply

Cypress Creek Landscape Supply is family-owned and operated, and it has provided quality landscaping services to the Tampa Bay Area for more than 25 years. We have high-quality landscaping products that can support your plans for a personal oasis. Stop by today for fertilizers, gravel, mulch, Florida-friendly plants, and all of your other landscaping needs. We’re located at 12734 N. Florida Avenue, and you can call us at (813) 933-7944.