Why Should I Add A Water Feature To My Backyard Garden?
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Adding a Water Feature to Your Backyard

Would you like your garden to feel more like a getaway, and do you long for soothing sounds of nature? Adding a water feature will increase the level of tranquility you experience in your personal oasis. You can choose an easy-care or advanced way to add water to your landscape mix. Below are some of your options for a soothing backyard water feature. Keep in mind that, no matter which feature you add to your garden, we have what you need to make it happen. At Cypress Creek Landscape Supply, we are the go-to Garden Center for professional landscapers, architects, and homeowners. If there’s anything in particular we don’t already carry, we’ll get it for you if it’s at all possible.

For Small Spaces – A Water Garden

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A water garden can offer the murmur and burble of flowing water, and it is an ideal feature for a small space. The base of a water garden can be a large, sturdy ceramic pot with no drainage holes. The inside should be painted with pond sealant, and it should dry at least overnight before adding plants such as water lilies, willow moss, and water snowflake. Old bathtubs and water troughs are ideal water garden containers, as well. The definition of a water garden is a container that’s filled with water in which water plants are planted and grown. Fish can also be added for mosquito control, which is especially recommended if nothing is included to give the water movement.

For Large Spaces – A Pond

A pond can be a large koi pond with waterfalls and boulders, a small pool with a bubbler, or something in between. The look of the pond is typically determined by the amount of the budget and personal taste. You can create an interesting shape using boulders, bricks, stone, or tile. Be sure to check local ordinances because you may be required to provide a barrier, similar to requirements for swimming pools.

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A Wall Fountain

A forced water stream is used in the design of wall fountains. The water flows down the wall and into a Gbowl, tub, or swimming pool. The water can even seem to disappear, though you’ll still hear the trickling that brings to life the tranquility of nature. A wall fountain with vanishing water is a type of pondless water feature. This means that the water cascades into a hidden reservoir that’s covered. Because there is no open water that can create a hazard, it’s not required to add barriers or fencing for protection.

Freestanding Water Fountains

Water fountains can be simple or more complex, such as a three-tiered fountain. A bubbling urn can bring just the effect you long for, and it can be used on a small patio or balcony. A core-drilled boulder is a highly popular water feature and yet it’s among the most economical options.

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At Cypress Creek Landscape Supply, we are all about helping Floridians in the Tampa area fulfill their loftiest dreams for landscaping. We not only carry plants that you could use in a water garden but we can also help with the various supplies needed to create your calming water feature. Of course, we also have bulk items such as fill dirt, gravel, and sand as well as boulders, tools, and essential gardening supplies. Visit us at 12734 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL or call 813-933-7944 today.