How to Select and Place your Landscaping Boulders and Rocks
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Selecting & Placing Boulders and Rocks

Boulders and rocks are excellent additions to any outdoor setting. Once you decide you’re going to use landscape boulders for your yard, next comes selection and placement. Areas where rock is either absent or rare will have fewer selections for boulders locally. In the Tampa FL area, however, you can choose from various types of boulders and rocks at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply. We carry a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors of boulders. Our rock selection has even more options.

Rocks and boulders can be used in numerous ways that accentuate the beauty of any landscape. The following are helpful tips for placing rocks and boulders in your yard in practical ways that add visual appeal.

Boulder SelectionKeep the Space in Scale

Due to the weight and expense of large boulders, one of the most common errors is using undersized boulders. The scene you are creating won’t have the desired effect if the boulders aren’t the right size for the design. If necessary, create a design made especially for the boulders and rocks you’ve purchased for your landscape instead of designing based on a boulder size that may not be accessible.


Choose Experienced Contractors

Something few homeowners truly grasp is the sheer weight of boulders and the difficulty of moving them to create the desired scene. If a complex rock waterfall is being built for your pool area, for example, it’s important to hire a contractor with plenty of experience working with rocks and boulders. There are many potential risks and safety issues associated with extensive projects involving boulders and rocks, and cost overruns are very possible.

Model Arrangements After Nature

Boulders tend to exist in nature in groups of various shapes and sizes tied together because they are of the same parent material. In Japanese gardens, successful placement of boulders and rocks looks like natural outcroppings of rocks.

Keep in mind that boulders are planted into the ground and don’t just sit atop the grass. The face of a large rock or boulder should be positioned to ensure high visibility, and the rest is planted to provide a physical and visual anchor.

Landscape Rocks in Hand

Landscape Supply

At Cypress Creek Landscape Supply, we recognize the many benefits of landscaping stones. They are durable and require no maintenance. Rocks don’t attract fungus since they provide no nutrients. If you are ready to add boulder and rock accents to your property, visit our Tampa garden center. Our experts will help you choose the best natural stones in the correct quantity, and we deliver.

We invite you to make us your one-stop garden shop for all of your landscaping needs. From patio furniture to fertilizers, plants, trees, and pottery, we work hard to maintain an inventory that meets all of the needs of our Florida customers.

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