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Adding Pottery to Your Outside Landscaping or Indoor Decorating

Backyards with even the best landscape design often seem as if something’s missing. What may be missing is tastefully designed pottery that compliments all the other elements in a lush outdoor environment

What to think about when you think about pottery

outdoor pottery and indoor pottery for backyard in tampa flThe word “pottery” can mean many different things. Basically, pottery means a container to put things in, such as plants. But that’s where the similarities end. When you’re thinking about adding pottery to your outside landscaping or complimenting your indoor decorating with it, you should be thinking about quality. (In other words, not the run-of-the-mill assembly line products carried by big-box stores.)

We sell and highly recommend pottery from the Michael Carr Designs collection with a wide range of shapes, sizes and finishes to choose from. Here are a few selections you can use to beautify and complete any of your outdoor or interior spaces:

  • Vietnamese pottery: glazed, volcanic glazed, light cement and terra cotta
  • Malaysian glazed pottery
  • Old World Collection pottery
  • Liconfiber pottery
  • Indoor pottery styles including orchid pots, wall of color small pieces and bonsai planters

Those names may not mean a lot to you, but one thing will: the unsurpassed quality of every piece in the Michael Carr collection. All pottery pieces are hand-made with amazing attention to detail. Skilled craftsmen mold each piece, then send it through initial drying, and then devote considerable time to smoothing out the product to give it a lovely, recognizable shape and appearance.

The next phase involves another round of drying and the hand-application of liquid glazes. The piece is now ready for the kiln, where the fire’s heat hardens and perfects it. Temperature variations within the kiln give each piece of pottery a distinctive look.

What pottery can do for your backyard

Many designers and landscapers believe that pottery completes a backyard space. Uniquely sized pottery of varying colors can break up the landscape and add curious touches that attract the eyes. And with pieces developed by the experts at Michael Carr, your outdoor pottery will stand the test of time and weather, holding up for years and looking as good as the day you brought it home.

Beautiful high-gloss pottery pieces make great containers for your favorite flowers or outdoor plants. Set them as borders along walkways, at the base of trees, within an outdoor entertainment area or just haphazardly in any way your designer mind desires.

temple terrace fl landscape pottery for plantsIndoor pottery

Inside the home, lovely pottery presents a bold and unmistakable statement. Whether it’s filled with living plants or just placed as decorative items, rooms come alive with elegant hand-made pottery.

When you shop for your pottery at our destination landscaping and plant center in Tampa, FL, you can have your selections filled with soil and your choice of plants or flowers right here on the spot so they’re ready to dazzle the minute you bring them home.

Visit us today, and see the largest selection of indoor and outdoor pottery anywhere in our area. Oh – and if you choose extra-large, extra-heavy pieces, we’re happy to deliver them!



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