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All Windchimes Are NOT Created Equal!

You’ve probably encountered your share of windchimes throughout your life. You may even have purchased a set or two. You know how they how they look and how they sound. But the fact is, you can’t know the true beauty and majesty of windchimes until you see and hear Corinthian Bells.

corinthian wind chimes for sale at our home and garden store

Made by QMT Windchimes of Virginia, Corinthian Bells truly are a step apart from “traditional” windchimes. This is the windchime brand we offer to our customers because we believe – as you will, once you hear them – they’re simply the best on the market.

You can buy Corinthian Bells in 11 sizes from 27 to 78 inches and choose your favorite colors: copper vein, midnight blue, black, green, ruby splash or patina green. The tubes on the chimes are made of durable aluminum and then powder coated with color for a lovely, even finish.

When the wind hits these chimes, you’ll hear something a little different from what you may have experienced with other windchimes. Every tube when struck produces a deep resonance that fades away very slowly. With multiple tubes sounding, it’s like having your own personal orchestra outside playing you a one-of-a-kind symphony of tones and moods.

How Corinthian Bells came to be

Back in the 1980s, a man named Mike Thorn got into selling various items from the back of his van at Florida craft shows. Windchimes were one of his products. The outfit he was getting his chimes from went out of business, so Mike decided to try his hand at making his own. He kept improving his designs and their tonal qualities, and before long he was getting so many orders he had to hire a crew to make them.

The company’s first two windchime products, Arias and Weatherland, were big sellers. Then they hit upon the ultimate next-generation windchime, Corinthian Bells. Exceptional in both appearance and sound resonance, these chimes feature centrally suspended heavy tubes and a high-density striker, which produces sounds like you’ve never heard before.

home and garden backyard wind chimes Corinthian Bells are now considered the industry standard for top-line windchimes. One of the first things people remark on when hearing the chimes’ acoustic melodies for the first time is how long the sounds lasts. For as long as a minute after striking, a tube’s clean, deep, perfectly pitched note keeps sounding, with more lush tones added from other tubes.

When purchasing Corinthian Bells windchimes, determine the quality of sound you desire. Some people like smaller windchimes with hints of music; others like grandiose chimes that produce a regal symphony you can hear from far away. No matter what size you choose, you can be assured your windchimes will look fantastic wherever you hang them.

It’s hard in an article to describe the sound made by this marvelous line of windchimes. That’s why we invite you to our Tampa garden center and nursery to hear them for yourself. If you’re like most people, you’ll find it hard to go back home without a set of your own.

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