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Using Stone for Landscaping Beds & Ground Cover

For many residential and commercial properties, adding stones in select areas can beautify and stabilize the landscape design. Smaller stones such as river rocks, beach pebbles, gravel and crushed rock are ideal in a wide range of applications and bring certain advantages you won’t get with ground cover or mulch.

landscape stone and pebbles for ground cover in tampa flHow many varieties of stones are there?

There are many. Here are a few of the names given to these awesome landscaping accents:

Egg rock, river rock, Mexican beach pebbles, Mayan white beach pebbles, river slicks, Kewanee skippers and cobblers, brook stone, Huck Finn river stone – and that’s just a start.

When you visit our nursery and garden center, you can see these and other varieties and select the type that will work best in your application.

What can you do with landscaping stones?

Small stones make great borders around just about anything. You can use them to surround flower beds, trees, fountains, patios, bird baths, outdoor cooking areas and any other area you want to highlight. Many stone styles are ideal for using in flower beds instead of mulch or bark.

Walkways of all sizes and dimensions also look fantastic when lined with mats of gravel or various rock styles. Some landscape designers and homeowners like to surround entire buildings and houses with stone borders.

River rocks and beach pebbles, commonly known as egg rocks, are very popular with both professional and novice landscapers. They’re smooth and round and come in many unique shapes and sizes, with each variety showing distinctive veins and grains. Often they’re named for the specific areas from which they were harvested. You really can’t go wrong with this kind of garden accent.

Why are landscaping stones beneficial?

Long-lasting: Rocks of all kinds have been with us since the beginning of time and will last until the end of it.

No maintenance: You don’t have to maintain rocks and pebbles like you do mulch and ground cover. Mulch needs replacing, and ground cover needs watering and trimming. Rocks need neither.

They stay put: Stones with proper edging won’t wash away in the rain or blow away in the wind. This means no scattering all over walkways or lawns the way mulch has been known to do.

river rock and pebbles for garden beds

No fungus: Fungus normally avoids stones because stones provide it with no nutrients.

Adding stones to your landscape

It’s a fairly straightforward job to add stone to your landscape. Just remember these basic guidelines:

  • Remove all mulch from the area where the rocks will go
  • Lay down quality weed fabric on the ground
  • Apply pre-emergent weed killer according to directions on the container
  • Add edging so stones don’t fall over onto grass or walkways
  • Lay stones about two to three inches deep

If you want to beautify your property with any kind of rock or pebble accents, stop in at our Tampa garden center. We’ll help you select the best product in the right quantity, and we’ll deliver it to you.

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