Designing A Landscape Blueprint Is Easier Than You Think!
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Create Your Own Blueprint for Landscape Design

plants and flowers, tampa flAvoid being overwhelmed as a beginner tackling landscape design by recognizing the task as a building project. Although you aren’t likely hammering boards together, you are creating structure with plants and other elements in a pleasing way that will enhance your property. If you live in the Tampa FL area, be encouraged that Cypress Creek Landscape Supply has all the landscaping basics for the region you live in. Plants available in our two-acre oasis are specially chosen because they can thrive in Florida. Enhancements are also available in abundance, such as boulders, rocks, stone furniture, and much more. Create your own blueprint for landscape design with the following in mind.

Know the Conditions in Your Yard

As a starting step in landscape design, become familiar with the topography of your yard. This will allow you to choose the plants that will tend to thrive there. Evaluate the following conditions:

  • Study your yard to determine the amount and length of shade and sun exposure in each area. These are microclimates typically categorized as full sun, partial sun, deep shade, and shade.
  • Consider the drainage on the landscape so that you can promote the movement of water away from your home
    into the yard.
  • Determine the soil type in your yard.

Consider How Your Yard Will Be Used

Be sure that the landscape you design enhances your lifestyle. Who will be using the yard, and how will it be used? Do you have pets or children? Is outdoor entertainment a priority or consideration for your landscape? Should walkways be included in its design?

Determine the Level of Maintenance You Want

Your blueprint for landscaping should also fit with your plans for maintenance. If you want easy upkeep, you can employ strategies to ensure that maintenance isn’t overly time-consuming. Factors involved include, for instance, choosing plants that tend to naturally thrive on their own.

Consider Incorporating a Theme

Give some thought to whether you would like to create a landscape design with a purpose or theme. For example, a Zen garden is a meditative landscape. You may want a sustainable landscape, which is doable. Other landscape designs you might choose from include the following:

  • Butterfly gardenhummingbird garden, tampa bay, fl
  • Moon garden, in which your garden glows at night
  • Dog-friendly landscaping
  • Personal putting green
  • Kid-friendly yard
  • Mosquito-free landscape
  • Hummingbird garden
  • Edible landscape

Plan Structured Plantings

Create visual vertical and horizontal planes in your landscape. Consider the different shapes of plants and the options of grouping plants, growing ground cover, and adding hardscapes. For example, ornamental trees can be rounded, oval, spreading, weeping, or matted. Plants can be spiky or mounded, etc. Create a harmonious visual in your landscape design. Be sure to add contrasting textures, colors, sizes, and shapes to draw the eye.

Take the Future into Account

Think about what will happen with your landscape plants through the passage of time. The eventual maturity size of different plants and even the root systems should be considered. Give each plant sufficient room two grow based on optimal growing conditions.

With these tips, a beginning landscaper can achieve good success. Ensure hassle-free shopping for your supplies by going to Cypress Creek Landscape Supply, which is trusted by green-thumbed professionals and homeowners alike. As we strive to be your one-stop-shop, we should have everything you need. But if we don’t, we’ll do everything in our power to get it for you. Cypress Creek Landscape Supply is located at 12734 N. Florida Avenue in Tampa. Feel free to give us a call at (813) 933-7944 today.