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Outdoor Garden Center & Landscape Supply Store In South Tampa FL – Plants, Rocks, Shrubs, Pesticides

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Professional landscapers, contractors, and homeowners in South Tampa FL rely on Cypress Creek Landscape Supply for their gardening and landscaping needs. Come by our garden oasis and store to see for yourself our massive inventory of high-quality products and plant life. If you love to envision one-stop shopping for all of your landscaping and gardening needs, Cypress Creek Landscape Supply is the place for you. If there is ever anything you want that we don't carry, we will do our utmost to get it for you.

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Landscape Supply

You will find a selection of bulk supplies at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply that is likely to exceed your expectations for beautiful landscaping options. With our garden oasis and supply, landscaping concepts can be fully realized, no matter the style, size, or ambitious nature of the vision. We offer an impressive selection of topsoil, gravel, pebbles, mulch, and much more for our South Tampa FL customers. Rapid delivery is also available, as well as any expert assistance that you may need.

South Tampa FL Outdoor Garden Center

Cypress Creek Landscape Supply offers luscious fruit trees, shrubs, groundcover, herbs, water plants, flowers, palm plants, vines, and more in a wide range of stunning varieties for South Tampa FL homeowners and professional landscapers. The plant selection at our outdoor garden center is seemingly endless, especially considering that each variety of plant life has its own outstanding qualities. Starting out with healthy plants like those offered at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply is an essential part of enjoying landscaping success. Any questions you may have about the plants in our outdoor garden center can be answered by our friendly on-site experts.

Plants, Flowers, Trees, Shrubs

Homeowners, contractors, and high-end landscape professionals are invited to visit us at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply to see first-hand our huge inventory of flowers, trees, shrubs, vines, and groundcover. Our array of palm plants is designed to satisfy the demands of South Tampa FL customers, with options such as the foxtail palm, coconut palm, the dwarf palm, and Chinese fan palm. For blooms throughout the year, we offer Bird of Paradise. Emerald blanket is a type of shrub that can double as ground cover. There is so much to see and choose from in our two-acre oasis!

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Landscape Stone, Gravel, Rock, Sand

Cypress Creek Landscape Supply carries bulk supplies of gravel, pebbles, rock, stone, boulders, sand, and much more. Adding visual interest and texture to your South Tampa FL landscape and garden is always easy with rocks, stones, and pebbles. Every vision for a landscape has room for these hardscaping gifts from nature. Choose from many different colors and sizes of pebbles and rocks to fulfill a variety of purposes. As a substitute for mulch, pebbles are ideal to eliminate replacement of lost materials each year. Of all your landscape materials, rocks, pebbles, and stone are elements that never fade in their beauty or even wash out under the Florida sun.


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Landscape Material

Cypress Creek Landscape Supply provides the support you need for professional landscaping and for building and maintaining a gorgeous landscape in your own yard and garden. The bulk items that we keep on hand include topsoil, crushed gravel, sand, mulch, fill dirt, and washed seashells. We have all that you need to build a retaining wall or a garden path and to add edging. Stop by and see all of the high-quality landscape materials you may require for your South Tampa FL landscape.