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Landscape Supplies In South Tampa – Gravel & Crushed Rock, Trees & Flowers, Outdoor Decor

south tampa landscape supplies

All the landscaping supplies you may need for your South Tampa landscape are at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply. We have everything from fill dirt to herbicides, from rocks to fertilizer, and much more. With our selection of trees, shrubs, flowers, and landscaping supplies, we are your one-stop Garden Center. For 25-plus years, family-owned and operated Cypress Creek Landscape Supply has been here to assist homeowners in planting and growing successful gardens and landscapes.

Landscape Rock

Natural rocks and stones are versatile landscaping materials that add beauty to any South Tampa landscape. From creating walkways and ground coverage to being used for reflection pools and waterfalls, landscape rock is always an excellent choice. We offer many types of landscape rocks, including fieldstone, Belgium block, stepping stones, and more.


Gravel is a material with many uses, including walkways, edging, dog runs, and patios. The various sizes ideally serve different purposes, and we have many colors to choose from. The most popular of the small, smooth-edged rocks is pea gravel, which typically measures 3/8”.

Landscaping rocks in south tampa fl


Because of the sandy soil in South Tampa, good topsoil is essential for landscaping every lawn and garden. Most of the root systems of plants are concentrated in the top 2 to 8 inches of soil, where needed nutrients are. It’s important to choose the right topsoil for your needs, and our landscaping experts can help.


River rock, beach pebbles, and egg rock each have unique mineral veins and grains that make them distinctively lovely additions to South Tampa landscapes. Egg rocks, for example, have a mix of different shapes fashioned by running water from oceans or rivers.

Gravel in south tampa fl

Plants In South Tampa

Cypress Creek Landscape Supply has every type of plant to create a stunning landscape and garden. We have ground cover plants; woody ornamentals; trees; butterfly plants; and a wide selection of shrubs and hedges.


south tampa fl trees for sale at landscape supply store


Flowers transform any South Tampa landscaping venture into a colorful sanctuary. Perennial flowering plants are ideal for butterfly gardens; and they add a burst of color as ground cover and in flowerbeds, lawns, planters, and hanging baskets.


The trees that provide shade and carry the brunt of wind are essential to any landscape. Our Garden Center has a large selection of trees, including fruit trees, palm trees, flowering trees, and the most popular trees in the state, such as Magnolia trees, Live Oaks, and Sweet Gum trees.

Gardening center in south tampa fl

Wind Chimes

Soothing sounds of windchimes add to the wonderful ambiance of any outdoor living space. We carry a selection of excellently crafted Corinthian Bells® windchimes. We carry ten sizes and six colors of these top-quality chimes, so that pleasant acoustics are available for every budget.


We offer different types of landscaping décor, including ceramic glazed pottery, which makes it easy to bring greenery indoors, in sunrooms, and on front porches and open patios. Among our products is an indoor/outdoor line of Michael Carr pottery.

Pottery in south tampa fl

For South Tampa landscaping at its best, visit Cypress Creek Landscape Supply at 12734 N. Florida Avenue in Tampa, FL, or call us today at (813) 933-7944.