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top soil sold in bulk at our lawn and garden supply store in tampa flGood topsoil is important for every lawn and garden to flourish. Here in the Tampa area, where our soil is sandy, it is especially important to invest in fertile topsoil that will help your plants and lawn thrive. You can also use topsoil to fill in low spots in a lawn to make it even.

Topsoil is the top 2 to 8 inches of soil. It is the most important layer of soil because it is where most plants concentrate their roots and get the nutrients they need. There are a variety of different types of topsoil that you can choose from.

Choosing The Right Topsoil

The right topsoil for your lawn or garden will depend on the soil you have now and what you are planting. If you don’t know what type of topsoil you need, we can help! We provide topsoil for a large range of Tampa residents and contractors. We work with homeowners who are planting a garden, laying down sod or seeding their lawn. Landscapers, landscape designers and landscape architects also come to us to find the best topsoil for their projects. We offer the best quality landscape supplies at the best price.