Snapshot® Specialty Herbicide kills tough broadleaf and grassy weeds
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Snapshot® Specialty Herbicide by Dow AgriSciences

Snapshot® specialty herbicide offers preemergence control of more than 125 broadleaf and grassy weeds in landscape and nursery settings. It is labeled for use on or around more than 635 ornamentals — more than any other granular preemergence herbicide on the market.

• Minimizes the need for hand-weeding

• Controls more weeds around more ornamentals than any other granular preemergence herbicide on the market

• Bonds tightly with soil particles and is low in water solubility, so it won’t move out of the application zone

• Flexible application schedule — apply in early spring, late summer to early fall or immediately after cultivation



• Bittercress

• Chickweed

• Crabgrass

• Oxalis

• Henbit

• Spurge