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Round Up Quick Pro Herbicide

Roundup Quikpro is a nonselective postemergent herbicide for commercial, industrial, non-crop and residential use. Controls a wide variety of grasses and broadleaf weeds. Please follow label for specific uses and rates.

For the performance you expect from Roundup® Products and fast, visible results within 24 hours, Roundup QuikPRO® herbicide has what it takes to quickly satisfy the toughest customer.

• The power and speed you need

Roundup QuikPRO® has fast burndown, showing results in as little as 24 hours. Its quick uptake speeds weed-killing power right to the root, where it can’t wash away.

• Convenience

Roundup QuikPRO® is a dry formulation that is easy to handle and easy to clean up. It includes a measuring cup spout that makes it easy to measure and mix, and it mixes easily with water to form a true solution that won’t settle out or clog nozzles.

• Rainfast in one hour

Rate: 1.5 ounces per gallon of water

Roundup QuikPRO® herbicide goes where mechanical trimmers can’t.

1 Box (5 X 1.5oz. packets)