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Broadloom Sedge Control by Southern Ag

Apply early postemergence to actively growing weeds as broadcast, band, or spot spray applications at the rates and growth stages listed in the weed table. For best results make postemergence applications of Broadloom Sedge Control early when weeds are small. Early application provides best weed control (exceptions: yellow nutsedge and Canada thistle), allows use of the lower rate (depending on weed species), and makes thorough spray coverage easier. Delaying application allows weeds to exceed the maximum size stated and will prevent adequate control. Do not apply when conditions favor drift from target area or when windspeed is greater than 10 mph.

• Controls nutsedge (nutgrass) & certain broadleaf weeds

• Can be used “over the top” on certain ornamentals

• Low use rate of .75 oz per 1,000 square feet

• Can be mixed with other weed killers

CONTAINS: 42% Bentazon

USE ON: Established turf, and certain ornamentals

CONTROLS: certain broadleaf weeds and sedges

RATE (for turf): 2 pints per acre or .75 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft. in 1 – 2 gallons of water.

APPLICATION: Basagran can be applied with a hose end or pump up type sprayer. Two applications may be necessary to control certain hard-to-control weeds like sedge. Use an oil concentrate like HERBI-OIL 83-17. BASAGRAN can be combined with other herbicides.