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Northdale FL Landscape Supplies, Trees, Boulders, Sand, and Palms

Northdale FL Landscape supplies

It takes a lot of supplies to create a gorgeous Northdale FL landscape, and Cypress Creek Landscape Supply is the place to get those supplies. Do-it-yourself landscapers and professional landscape architects alike visit us for their landscaping needs. We are family-owned and operated and invite you to visit our 2-acre Garden Center today.


Northdale FL landscapers and homeowners find the boulders they are looking for at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply. Anchor your landscape and fashion natural focal points with beautiful landscape boulders. Instantly create a timeless scene with the addition of a collection of boulders or protect your lawn by lining your driveway with boulders.


Order sand in bulk from Cypress Creek Landscape Supply for a wide range of purposes in your Northdale FL landscape. The many applications of sand include using it as a base material for installing natural stone pavers or to fill driveways. Our fine screen limestone sand is available by the yard, and we deliver.


Northdale FL Boulders and Sand for sale

Seeds & Sprouts

We carry the seeds and sprouts you need or we’ll do our best to find what you’re looking for. A large selection of seeds guaranteed to grow is available and not just for growing flowers and vegetables. We also carry seeds for the best grasses, such as Argentine Bahia and Rye grasses. Northdale FL residents can also get their Zoysia grass plugs and Palmetto grass plugs here.

Although annuals typically live for only a year, they bloom for a longer period of time. The dramatic blooms are also more numerous than perennials. We carry a large variety. Moss Rose Portulaca is among the flowering plants Northdale FL residents love. Complete your garden with bright, beautiful annuals that bloom for multiple seasons.



Get seeds and sprouts Northdale FL


Whether you want small, medium-height, or large shrubs for your Northdale FL home, we’ve got them at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply. We carry “Dwarf” shrubs such as Drift Roses and Dwarf Azaleas. Medium-height shrubs include Hibiscus and Firebush. Large shrubs we carry include White Bird-of-Paradise, Oleander, and Sea Grape.


It almost makes no sense to live in Northdale FL with no palm trees in your yard. Iconic palm trees come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choose the palm you want at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply. We carry many, including the Robellini Palm, Fox Tail Palm, and Canary Island Date Palm.


Palms Shrubs and more Northdale FL


Tools, Materials & Hardware

Our goal at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply is to carry all the essentials Northdale FL homeowners and landscapers might need. This includes a wide range of tools, hardware, and materials. From metal leaf rakes to fertilizer spreaders, natural organic plant food, and Agriform tablets, we’ve got what you need.

Fire Pits

A beautiful fire pit is a timeless addition to any landscape. We sell outdoor natural stone fire pit kits in a range of stunning designs. Our fire pit kits include Ashford, Ledgestone, Canyon Grey, Tan Variegated Ledgestone, and more. Outdoor living is all the rage, and what sets the stage for irresistible outdoor living better than a fire pit?

Firepits, Tools, and Hardware for sale Northdale PA

Homeowners and professional landscapers from Northdale FL recognize the high-quality products, customer service, and selection at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply. Come by and see for yourself why we can equip you for landscaping at its best. Visit us at 12734 N. Florida Avenue in Tampa, FL, or call us at (813) 933-7944 today.