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New Tampa Landscaping Supplies – Landscape Rock, Trees & Flowers, Outdoor Decor

New Tampa Gardening center

Cypress Creek Landscape Supply has everything you may need for New Tampa landscaping. We are a family-owned and operated company, and we have served the Tampa Bay Area for more than 25 years. We invite you to visit our landscape and garden center and stroll through our nursery to see our wide range of plants, stone products, and fertilizers. We also offer boulders, pine trees, seeds, sprouts, fungicides, flowering plants, tools, hardware, plus everything else required to make your landscaping dreams come true.


An essential element of any successful Florida landscape is topsoil. The right topsoil for any job is determined by both the condition of the existing soil plus the types of plants being planted. We work with homeowners to determine the right topsoil for their gardening and landscaping projects.

Gravel & Crushed Rock In New Tampa

We offer various sizes and colors of smooth-edged gravel, which can be used as pipe bedding and drainage as well as for patios, walkways, playgrounds, dog runs, and more. Crushed rock is rougher than concrete, though it can be rolled or tamped down so that it can be used in New Tampa landscaping for retaining walls, paths, and garden walkways.

Gravel in New Tampa FL


Beach pebbles, egg rock, and river rocks are an asset to any New Tampa landscape because they never become sun-bleached. Year after year, pebbles remain as beautiful as ever.

Landscape Rock

Stunning additions to any landscape, landscape rocks are available at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply. We have flagstone, boulders, fieldstone, natural stone stairs, stepping stones, Belgium block, patio stones, and many more.

Landscaping rocks in New Tampa FL


Trees are a mainstay of any landscape, providing shade, sanctuary for birds and other creatures, plus many other benefits. For New Tampa landscaping, we offer a wide ranges of trees that thrive in the Florida climate. From fruit trees and palms to small flowering trees and pines, we have a quality selection of trees for you to choose from


trees for sale at landscape supply store


You can bring your landscaping vision to life with the extensive selection of plants available at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply. Native flower plants, exotic plants, hedges, ground cover, butterfly plants, perennial and annual flowering plants, and sapling trees are among the numerous plants at our two-acre Garden Center.


For a landscape with everchanging colors and flowering plants, you can choose from the many annuals that thrive in New Tampa. Annual flowers last for one year and are ideal for window boxes, planters, and hanging boxes. Perennials, rather, last for at least three years. In the mild Florida climate, some perennials only flower for one season, however. We can help you choose the flowers for your landscape and garden.

Gardening center in Tampa FL

Outdoor Living Decor

Outdoor living spaces are finally getting much-deserved attention, as more people create ideal settings that entice family and friends to go outside. At Cypress Creek Landscape Supply, we offer pottery, high-quality Corinthian Bells® windchimes, bird baths, wood or stone furniture, and fire pits.


Ceramic glazed potters and planters bring a unique element to the enjoyment of greenery, whether indoors or on open patios or front porches. Our fade-resistant pottery is available in sizes from 6” to 36”, to enhance your landscaping, patio area, sunroom, and more.

Pottery in New Tampa FL

Visit Cypress Creek Landscape Supply at 12734 N. Florida Avenue in Tampa, FL, or call us at (813) 933-7944.