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Landscape Supplies In Town ‘n’ Country FL – Rock & Gravel, Flowers & Shrubs, Outdoor Décor

town n country fl landscape supply

Town ‘n’ Country FL professional landscapers and DIY landscapers visit Cypress Creek Landscape Supply for one-stop shopping. Since 1986, our family-owned and operated garden center has carried a huge inventory for gardening and landscaping. Everything you need to create your dream garden can be found at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply, from Florida-friendly plants, trees, flowers, and shrubs to landscape rocks, gravel, mulch, topsoil, and much more. It’s all here at our two-acre oasis and landscape supply store.

Landscaping Supplies In Town ‘n’ Country, FL


Mayan white beach pebbles are ideal for Zen gardens, mosaics, and ground cover. The pebbles range from approximately 1.5 inches up through 5-plus inches. Cypress Creek Landscape Supply also offers polished Mexican beach landscaping pebbles, which are from the beaches of Mexico. They are suitable for similar purposes with the added benefit of being used as massage stones. When you add rocks or pebbles to your Town ‘n’ Country garden, they remain beautiful no matter how many years they’re exposed to the bright rays of the Florida sun.

Landscape Supplies In Town ‘n’ Country FL

The addition of landscape rocks provides a stunning upgrade to any setting. You have numerous options at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply, from sparkling dark black stones ideal for garden walls and patios to marble chips for walkways, Huck Finn river stones for gardens, Polynesian firelite boulders with the texture of lava rock, and more.

avocado tree in town n country flFruit Trees

The Florida climate is ideal for fruit trees of many varieties, and they make excellent additions to any Town ‘n’ Country garden or landscape. Fruit trees are able to thrive rooted in the ground or in a planter. At Cypress Creek Landscape Supply, choose from orange trees, peach trees, avocado trees, mango trees, and other varieties to enjoy fresh, homegrown fruit as well as the shade the trees provide.

Plants & Shrubs

Our assortment of shrubs and other plants is extensive for Town ‘n’ Country homeowners looking for perfect hedges. We offer Areca Palms and other tropical plants that thrive in the lighting of any type. Choose from among ornate evergreens and native shrubs such as the Cocoplum “Red Tip.” Our selection of hedges alone provides reason enough for professional landscapers in Town ‘n’ Country FL to make our Garden Oasis their landscaping supply destination.

Home & Garden Décor

Town ‘n’ Country FL Landscaping Supply StoresYou can find planters and many types of garden décor at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply. We offer Corinthian Wind Chimes in a full range of sizes and colors. The soothing tones produced by these high-quality wind chimes have remarkable resonance. Choose from a beautiful assortment of birdbaths if you are looking for an ideal garden accent. Massarelli’s birdbaths are made with top-of-the-line materials and state-of-the-art equipment; they make wonderful water features.


Outdoor fire features are in great demand among homebuyers in Town ‘n’ Country FL. A firepit is an outdoor upgrade that can provide an unbeatable return on investment.

We offer a range of fire pit kits, including Canyon grey, ledge stone, rustic buff, Ashford, brown fire pit ledgestone, and more. Our landscape supply experts can help you determine which fire pit best fits your needs.

Cypress Creek Landscape Supply in Tampa, FL is the place to go for the best Town ‘N’ Country FL landscaping. Call us at (813) 933-7944 or visit our two-acre Garden Oasis at 12734 N. Florida Avenue today.