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Citrus Park FL Landscape Supplies, Rock, Trees, Mulch, Shrubs & Patio Furniture

The Garden Center at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply is a beautiful display of Florida-friendly plants with all the supplies you might need for landscaping in Citrus Park FL. Since 1986, as a family-owned and family-operated company, we have been dedicated to providing professional landscapers and homeowners alike with all you need to create the gardens and landscapes of your dreams.


We carry everything needed for Citrus Park FL homeowners to perfectly accent landscapes in a wide range of styles. Woody ornamentals, for example, have uniquely shaped branches or eye-catching colors to provide distinction to garden landscapes. Hydrangeas, Pussy Willows, Forsythia, and Variegated Arboricola are just a few. Woodies include certain vines, trees, and shrubs.

Palms Shrubs and more in Citrus Park FL


You can use pebbles in place of traditional mulch for a number of benefits. Pebbles don’t get sun-bleached as mulch does, and pebbles last for multiple seasons instead of just one. Many kinds of oblong, round, and smooth rocks are known as egg rocks, river rocks, and beach pebbles. We have many styles preferred by Citrus Park FL gardeners.

Landscaping pebbles In Citrus Park FL

Butterfly Plants

Creating the right setting in your garden may mean attracting butterflies and hummingbirds is essential. For your butterfly garden in Citrus Park FL, you can choose from our selection of Petunias, Phlox, Geraniums, Foxglove, Marigolds, Lavender, Daylilies, and more. We also carry sage, fennel, and other sweet-smelling herbs to attract bees.

Citrus Park FL flowers and plants


Natural wallstone is among our many bulk products that we deliver to Citrus Park FL residents. Landscape architects like to use wallstone because it can be dry stacked. This means no mortar or cement is needed to hold it together. You can quickly see results and enjoy wallstone year after year. It’s a cost-effective option for retaining walls, accent walls, and terraces.

landscape stone in Citrus Park FL

Ground Cover Plants

The solution to many landscaping problems in Citrus Park FL is found in ground cover plants. At Cypress Creek Landscape Supply, we have a large assortment, including Soap Aloe, a large succulent; flowering, sprawling vines, such as Railroad Vines; and fragrant blooming ground cover such as Daylilies. Landscapers turn to ground cover plants to address many frustrating challenges.

shrubs for sale in Citrus Park FL


Ceramic glazed pottery and planters add the perfect accent for many landscape settings. We invite our Citrus Park FL customers to peruse our beautiful collection of pottery. Each piece is made to last, with fade-resistant color patterns and high gloss glazes. Container plants in beautifully designed pots often add the perfect touch to garden settings.

custom outdoor pottery for sale in Citrus Park FL

Small Flowering Trees

Cypress Creek Landscape Supply has a stunning selection of flowering trees. Hibiscus trees are tropical flowering trees with large pink flowers. Create a natural arbor over garden paths with Crepe Myrtle Trees that display bright, showy blooms. When looking for a memorable focal point for your Citrus Park FL landscape, you can’t go wrong choosing from among our small flowering trees.

Tree Nursery in Citrus Park FL

We are proud to be the place to go for Citrus Park FL landscaping at its best. Stop by and see our Garden Center today. You’ll find us at 12734 N. Florida Avenue in Tampa, FL; or feel free to call us today at (813) 933-7944.