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Landscape Supplies in Westchase FL– Shrubs & Flowers, Gravel & Crushed Rock, Outdoor Décor

landscape supply in Westchase FL

Family-owned and operated Cypress Creek Landscape Supply has a Garden Center with the full gamut of landscaping supplies for Westchase FL homeowners and professional landscapers. We have a complete inventory of trees, rocks, flowers, gravel, fertilizer, fill dirt, and everything else needed for beautiful Florida landscaping. For more than a quarter of a century, Cypress Creek Landscape Supply has equipped homeowners with the landscaping supplies needed to create the landscapes and gardens they envision.


The exotic plants, ground cover, hedges, and other foliage you may want to add to your Westchase FL landscaping are available at our Garden Center. You will find native flowering plants that flourish in Florida plus many more plants for the effect you want to create in your garden.


Whether you want annuals, perennials, or both, we have a huge selection of flowers for your garden and landscape. Butterfly flowers are available in abundance. Visit our two-acre Garden Center to see the blooms in all colors. We have Pentas, Mexican Heather, Blue Daze, Buttercups, Cat’s Whiskers, and many more.


Flowers & Garden center in Westchase FL


Homeowners digging in to do-it-yourself Westchase FL landscaping have numerous options when choosing trees. Multi-stem trees offer an interesting structure sometimes preferred over a single stem tree. Small flowering trees can create added drama. At Cypress Creek Landscape Supply, we offer these and many other Florida-friendly trees, including pines and fruit trees.


The right topsoil is needed to ensure that your Westchase garden landscape flourishes. Living in Florida, your existing soil is probably sandy, and topsoil is essential. Our experts at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply work with homeowners to determine which topsoil is the right foundation for landscaping success. The plants you’ve chosen for your landscape together with your existing soil condition are the factors that determine which topsoil is best.



Tree Nursery in Westchase FL

Crushed Rock & Gravel in Westchase FL

We carry various colors and sizes of gravel with smooth edges suitable for walkways, dog runs, patios, and playgrounds. Gravel is also ideal for drainage and pipe bedding. Rougher than concrete, crushed rock can be tamped down or rolled for use in Westchase landscaping for garden paths, walkways, and retaining walls.

Landscape Rock

Rocks add an unbeatable element of natural beauty to landscaping. At Cypress Creek Landscape Supply, we offer stepping stones, boulders, flagstone, patio stones, natural stone stairs, and Belgium block, to name a few of many. A boulder can become a garden centerpiece, and large rocks interspersed among flowers provide additional visual interest. Stop by our Garden Center to see our selection of landscape rock.


Gravel in Westchase FL



Pebbles add lasting beauty to Westchase landscaping. You can choose from river rocks, egg rock, and beach pebbles at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply. The visual appeal of pebbles won’t diminish because they never become bleached by the sun. Pebbles can enhance the loveliness of your garden while creating a drainage solution.

Landscaping rocks in Westchase FL


Planters and ceramic glazed potters can provide a unique element to landscaping design. We offer durable, fade-resistant pottery in various colors and in sizes ranging from 6” to 36”. In addition to enhancing landscaping, pottery can be the perfect touch in a sunroom or patio area.

Outdoor Living Décor

The trend of creating outdoor living spaces is here to stay. Blissful outdoor settings entice families to spend more time outdoors, and Cypress Creek Landscape Supply has a nice selection of décor. When you visit our Garden Center, you can choose from a variety of fire pits, pottery, bird baths, stone furniture, and Corinthian Bells® windchimes.



Outdoor pottery in Westchase FL



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