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Landscape Supplies In Egypt Lake-Leto FL – Gravel, Landscape Rock, Trees, Plants & More

landscape supply in Egypt lake fl

Cypress Creek Landscape Supply is the trusted source for landscaping materials among professional landscapers, homeowners, and contractors in the Greater Egypt- Lake Leto FL area. We are family-owned and operated and maintain a huge inventory to accommodate one-stop shopping. Visit our two-acre garden oasis to see an abundant supply of gravel, pebbles, mulch, and other bulk products as well as a stunning array of flowers, fruit trees, palms, shrubs, and much more. You can be confident that fulfilling your landscaping vision will be easy at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply.


When you add flowers to your Egypt Lake Leto FL landscape, their benefits go well beyond pleasures of the senses. Choose flowers from our vast inventory at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply to add texture and splashes of color to your landscape. We offer flowering shrubs that attract hummingbirds and butterflies while helping to dispel air pollution. Underneath the soil, the growth of flowers helps to reduce soil erosion.

Egypt Lake-Leto FL flowers and plants


Pebbles are highly versatile landscaping additions, and homeowners in Egypt Lake Leto FL often visit our garden center to choose from our colorful array of pebbles available in bulk supply. Pebbles will never fade in the sun, and they can serve a variety of purposes. Add pebbles to your landscape to help retain moisture, inhibit the growth of weeds, and serve as trouble-free groundcover. In addition to pebbles in a range of sizes, shades, and shapes, we offer many other bulk items, including marble chips.

Landscaping Supplies In Egypt Lake-Leto FL


Creating a landscape can be exciting with all the possibilities for trees, hedges, shrubs, flowers, vines, and groundcover available at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply. When you visit our Garden Center, you can find every type of plant that you may desire for your Egypt Lake Leto FL landscape project. Various types of palm trees are among the plants you can see in our two-acre oasis. Our landscaping experts are available for consultations about any concerns you may have, such as invasive species that you may want to avoid.

Palms Shrubs and more in Egypt Lake-Leto FL


One of our many bulk products is topsoil. Every landscape needs soil rich in nutrients in order to thrive. Some homeowners in Egypt Lake Leto FL have sandy soil, which is prevalent in the state. Visit us at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply for a bulk supply of topsoil, and we will be happy to provide rapid delivery. So much about the success of caring for plants is dependent upon the soil.

fill dirt and top soil in Egypt Lake-Leto FL


You will find a thriving inventory of beautiful trees in our garden center. Choose the perfect trees for your Egypt Lake Leto FL landscape at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply. Our massive selection includes a variety of palm trees, flowering trees, and such Florida-friendly favorites as fruit trees. The more you know about trees, the better. For instance, some trees are notorious for pulling moisture from the surrounding soil in a way that can affect other plants. We can help you make the best choices for your landscape.

pine trees and flowering tree in Egypt Lake-Leto FL

Landscape Rock

Stones and rocks are always eye-pleasing in landscapes. Rocks make for easy-care groundcover, and they are ideal for creating garden pathways. The added texture of rocks, stone, and boulders provides a wonderful contrast with trees, flowers, and shrubs. For Egypt Lake Leto FL expert landscapers and homeowners, Cypress Creek Landscape Supply is the best place to go for a beautiful selection of landscape rocks, including egg rock, Belgium block, flagstone, and fieldstone.

outdoor stepping stones for landscaping in Egypt Lake-Leto FL


Gravel is among the bulk materials available at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply. Professional landscapers and homeowners in Egypt Lake Leto FL use the aggregate of small, smooth-edged fragments of rocks, aka gravel, for walkways, patios, and other high-traffic areas. Whether you choose pea gravel or another form of gravel for your landscape, it is a material that allows you to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers as well as the amount of watering needed for plants.

gravel and crushed stone in Egypt Lake-Leto FL for sale

Pottery in Egypt Lake Leto, FL

A beautiful array of ceramic glazed potters and planters are available for Egypt Lake Leto FL homeowners and landscapers, and they offer a unique landscaping element that can enhance a garden landscape. Visit Cypress Creek Landscape Supply to see our fade-resistant, durable selection of pottery. You can choose from a range of colors, and the sizes available include 6-inch pottery through 36-inch pottery. The pottery is ideal for patios and sunrooms.

custom outdoor pottery for sale in Egypt Lake-Leto FL