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Gravel / Stone & Crushed Rock

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Gravel and crushed rock can be used in many ways from decorative ground coverage to subgrade material for laying concrete. Both are made up of an aggregate of small rock fragments. While these two landscaping materials are similar, they are not entirely interchangeable.

gravel and crushed stone in tampa fl for saleGravel

Gravel is made up of an aggregate of small rocks with smooth edges. It is available in a wide range of colors and sizes. Pea gravel, the most popular size, is typically 3/8”. Gravel is the best choice for decorative ground coverage and high-traffic areas since it does not have sharp edges. It is great for dog runs, walkways, patios and playgrounds. Gravel can be a beautiful accent for gardens and flower beds. It can also be used as pipe bedding or drainage.

Crushed Rock

Crushed rock, as the name implies, is made from stones that were crushed. It feels rougher than gravel and has shaper edges. It is usually only available in grey tones or white. Crushed rock is primarily used as a base material for landscaping projects. It can be easily tamped or rolled down to create an even foundation for retaining walls, patios and paths. It is an ideal subbase material for laying concrete. It can also be used as decorative rock around walkways or in flower beds.

Stop in to view our selection of gravel and crushed rock! We carry a wide variety of colors and sizes. If you are unsure what type would be best for your project, feel free to ask one of us. We can point you towards the right landscape material for your project. Let us know if you are looking for a specific kind that you don’t see in stock. We can find what you need at an affordable price. We make deliveries to homeowners, contractors, and landscape designers throughout the Tampa Bay.

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