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Flowering Plants – Annuals

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Temple Terrace FL annual flowers for saleFlowers brighten up a landscape with pops of color. There are two types of flowering plants: annuals and perennials. Annual flowering plants typically only live for a year whereas perennial flowering plants live for many years. The benefit of planting annuals is that they bloom longer and produce more flowers. Annuals can stay in bloom for multiple seasons while perennials usually only bloom for one.

Caring For Annual Flowers

Due to Florida’s mild weather, some annuals can survive here for multiple years. Planting them in a moderately shaded area where they are protected from the sun’s harsh rays can help extend their lives. We have the benefit of being able to plant annuals any time of year unlike our neighbors to the north. Annual plants that are native to northern regions, like pansies and snapdragons, are best to plant in late fall when the temperature has begun to drop because they do best in cooler temperatures.

You can incorporate flowers into your landscaping in many ways. Annual flowers are perfect for hanging baskets, planters and window boxes. They can be planted alongside perennials in a flower bed to add more color. They are also popular around the border of walkways, gardens and trees. Many resorts, businesses and homeowners incorporate both annuals and perennials into their landscaping to have lush, colorful flower beds all year round.

Summer and winter are the best seasons to plant annuals. Begonias, Gebera Daisies (sometimes called Gerber Daisies), and Zinnias are some of the most popular flowers to plant in summer. Petunias, Marigolds, Geraniums, Coleus and Sunpatiens are some of the most popular flowers to plant in winter. There are many more summer and winter annuals to choose from at the Garden Center at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply.

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Large Variety Of Annual Flowers

We have a large assortment of annual flowers that thrive in Tampa Bay’s climate. Whether you want bright leafy flowering plants like Coleus or lovely delicate flowering plants like Moss Rose Portulaca, you can find them in our Garden Center. Unlike big box stores, we will provide you with detailed information about the best soil and sun exposure for every plant so that you get the most out of your annuals. The experts on our team are happy to share their gardening tips and tricks with you.

Stop by our location to pick up the perfect annuals to complete your garden or transform your landscape into a colorful oasis. Find out for yourself why we are where pros go.