What Kind Of Rocks To Use In My Landscape Projects?
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Tips for Using Rocks in Your Landscaping

Using Rocks In LandscapeThe use of rock can transform a common landscape into a stunning display of nature. The perfect material for hardscaping, rocks provide a wide array of visual and practical benefits. Cypress Creek Landscape Supply has a gorgeous selection of rocks, including river rocks, boulders, beach pebbles, and small stones. Professional landscape designers and architects in Tampa Bay and the surrounding area buy from our Garden Center because we have all the high-quality landscape supplies that might be needed. Just ahead, learn various ways to use rocks in landscaping.

Add Texture and Contrast with Rocks

Eyes are naturally drawn to scenic beauty, and natural stones create just such an effect. The contrast, for example, of dark foliage against pale stones is an ideal way to bring attention to a certain tree or garden area. Always lay down a weed barrier before adding stones, to discourage the growth of weeds in the area you’re spotlighting.

Stones are Ideal Replacements for Mulch

Rocks are a more expensive option than mulch, but they also provide functional advantages when used as groundcover. Rocks are durable and can outlast your garden whereas mulch needs to be replaced each season. Another benefit over using mulch is that stones don’t attract insects but mulch does. As the bark strips or wood chips decompose, many insects are drawn to your landscape, and that includes termites. You can enjoy having less work and more peace of mind with rocks as groundcover.

Coastal Caribbean Green Stone

All stones have visual appeal but you get an added punch of color if you use Coastal Caribbean Green Stone in your landscaping. The stones are highly durable and the various shades of blue last a lifetime. At CCLS, we carry these attractive stones in sizes 7/8” through 1 ½”. Recommended uses for these azure stones include walkways, plant beds, driveways, and stucco.

landscaping pebbles in south tampa flMayan White Beach Pebbles

Since the ancient days of the Mayans—about 2000 BC–White Mayan Beach Pebbles have been tumbling in ocean surf. Among the rarest stones used for landscaping, their sizes range between about 1 ½” to 5” or larger. Uses for the white-washed stones available at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply include exterior landscaping, water features, ground cover, and Zen Gardens.

Rocks for Water Features

Perhaps the only way to top the addition of stones to your landscaping is to include a water feature with rocks. Water adds soothing sounds of nature and attracts wildlife to enhance your local ecosystem. At Cypress Creek Landscape Supply, we carry Huck Finn River Stone, which is ideal for any patio or garden water feature. Our supply of the stones range in size from 3” to 5”.

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The place to go for rocks in Tampa FL is Cypress Creek Landscape Supply. For gravel, pebbles, boulders, stone furniture and a plentiful assortment of other rocks for landscaping, visit us at 12734 N. Florida Avenue. While there, you can also see our birdbaths, pottery, wind chimes, and other garden and patio décor. Visit our Garden Center or contact us at (813) 933-7944 today.