The Best And Effective Ways To Grow Bulbs In Florida.
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Tips for Growing from Bulbs in Florida

bulb in the rainMost people are familiar with seeds but don’t know a lot about bulbs, though, in Florida, planting bulbs is a great gardening decision. All bulbs are perennial plants, which means that they grow and bloom for more than one year. Plants that grow from seeds might be annuals, biennials, or perennials. Annuals die after one season and don’t return. A biennial is a plant that takes two years to grow from a seed to full fruition, and then it dies.

You can get all the help you need determining which types of plants thrive well in Florida when you visit the gardening experts at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply. We have bulbs, plants, and seeds as well as bulk items such as mulch, gravel, topsoil, and fill dirt. We can answer all of your questions about bulbs. In the meantime, below, learn more about bulbs plus some tips for growing bulbs in your Florida garden.

What is a Bulb?

There are several types of bulb-like plants and then there are “true bulbs,” which are easy to grow and produce striking yet evanescent flowers. A bulb is a plant in which all the plant parts are stored underground in a bulb structure. The plant parts in the bulb include a flower bud, fleshy leaves, an underground stem, and roots. Bulbs are very hearty and add ease to growing a flourishing garden.

Tips for Growing Bulbs in Florida

bulbFloridians have many options of bulbs to plant in their gardens. Some bulbs flourish because of the tropical and subtropical growing conditions that exist in Florida.

Bulbs can be perfect to brighten shady areas, and they produce flowers that make excellent bouquets. Part shade is the most favorable condition for most bulbs.

It’s important that bulbs are planted right side up, and recommendations for spacing and fertilization should be heeded. Once plants have flowered, be sure to cut off seed heads and old flowers. Otherwise, there will be fewer flowers in bloom next year.

Please note: Do not cut off yellow leaves because they are producing and storing energy or food for the bulb. Wait until the leaves turn completely brown before removing them.

Pest control is needed for bulbs, and the biggest threat is the Eastern lubber grasshopper. These are large grasshoppers, and the most earth-friendly way to control grasshoppers is to remove them by hand when they gather on plants mornings and evenings. Other pests to watch out for are mealybugs and aphids. These are soft-bodied sucking insects that weaken flowers, deform the flower, and stunt plant growth by sucking out the plant’s sap. Fungal problems can also arise. The supplies for control of these and other pests attracted to bulb plants are all available at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply.

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For all the help and supplies you need to get in on the benefits of planting bulbs, visit the helpful professionals at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply. We are family-owned and operated, and we are dedicated to helping our customers get all of the gardening and landscaping supplies they need and want. We have stone, pebbles, gravel, and boulders as well as the trees, flowers, shrubs, seeds, and bulbs you might want to create a beautiful Florida landscape. We invite you to visit our one-stop gardening center today, which is located at 12734 N. Florida Avenue. Feel free to call us anytime during business hours at (813) 933-7944.