How To Get A Beautifull Lawn Without Increasing My Water Bill?
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7 Tips for Maintaining a Better Lawn Using Less Water

Lawn Maintelance Supply Stores in Westchase, FLA proper irrigation technique is often the secret to a plush, green lawn. Maintaining a healthy lawn does not mean sacrificing environmental concerns by using an overabundance of water. It’s possible to use less water while maintaining a lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood. Cypress Creek Landscape Supply has everything needed to maintain your dream landscape in Tampa FL and throughout the greater Tampa area. As you plan your updated irrigation plans, remember that we have the supplies you need. Our two-acre oasis has native and Florida-friendly plants and bulk materials, including soil and mulch. Read on to learn how you can maintain a better lawn using less water.

Run Your Irrigation System Manually

Watering as needed is better than watering according to a timer on an outdated automatic system. Experts recommend turning off the irrigation controller and waiting to water only when between 30% and half of your lawn shows at least one of the following signs of wilting:

  • Folding leaf blades
  • Blue-gray color
  • Footprints remain visible in the grass

Use the Empty Tuna Can System

If you rely on a manual sprinkler, place empty tuna cans all-around your yard within the range of your sprinkler. Run the sprinkler for a half hour and then measure to see how much water is in each can. The goal is three-fourths of an inch of water. If there is less or more than the target amount, do the math so that you know how long to water your lawn.

Add More Native Plants

Expand the number of plants in your landscape design and choose native plants, which require less water as compared to other varieties. By expanding the size of your garden, the area requiring lawn watering and mowing shrinks.

Law Care Products in Carrollwood FLDeal With Leaks

Whether you use an irrigation system or a hose-sprinkler system, check for leaks. If you see water flowing onto the sidewalks and streets, it’s a sign that water is being wasted—and the cost shows up on your water bill.

Check Sprinkler Heads

Your irrigation system can cause water to be wasted in various ways. Sprinkler heads, for example, are easy to break or misalign. Damaged sprinkler heads can cause improper water application on your lawn and could cause runoff of wastewater. Check your sprinkler heads and the entire irrigation system routinely.

Install Smart Watering Devices

New technology is available that you can use to maintain a healthier lawn while conserving water. Smart watering devices use soil and plant data as well as real-time weather facts to water your lawn only as needed.

Leave Grass Clippings on the Lawn

Mow frequently enough that not much is removed of the grass blades. Leave the clippings on the grass because they rapidly break down and provide the soil with beneficial nutrients.

Visit Cypress Creek Landscape Supply

You can visit Cypress Creek Landscape Supply at 12734 N. Florida Ave. or rely on our delivery services. We have what you need for a beautiful, healthy lawn, including organic fertilizers and all the lawn supplies you need. Stop by or give us a call today at (813) 933-7944.