What Are The Three Terms That Describe How Long Plants Will Live?
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3 Terms That Tell How Long Plants Live

Anyone who enters the world of landscaping and gardening frequently comes across certain terms, and those that describe how long plants live are among them. Become familiar with the following terms that describe a plant’s life span. Then you can visit Cypress Creek Landscape Supply to see our wide selection of each type of plant on our two-acre oasis. We aim to carry or obtain all the supplies landscaping professionals and homeowners might need and continue to earn our status as a one-stop gardening shop.

Perennial Plants, Carrollwood FL1-What is a Perennial?

Perennial plants live more than two years but, more to the point, they are the longest living plants and can live for many years. Trees are woody perennials. Herbaceous perennials are the other type of perennials, and they are the kind described in association with gardeners and horticulturalists. Some examples of perennials are asparagus, rhubarb, delphiniums, and potatoes. Many small flowering perennials thrive in Florida, as well.

A unique situation in Florida is that perennial season, during which perennials plants bloom, lasts much longer. There are several types of perennials in Southern Florida that qualify as annuals in most other regions, and they have the most sensitivity to cool temperatures. A perfect place for perennials is a butterfly garden because they attract the fluttering creatures. Perennials can also be planted in planters or hanging baskets to add color to porches and patios. Many varieties of perennials are available at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply.

2-What is an Annual?

Annuals are plants that go through a full life cycle in one growing season. Annuals germinate, grow, flower, produce seeds, and then die in up to one year. The plants survive, however, through the seeds that they produce. The seeds remain in the soil and ultimately grow in the right growing conditions that include the right temperature and the correct amount of air and moisture.

Annuals bloom longer and produce flowers more abundantly than perennials. Also, annuals can remain in bloom for multiple seasons, whereas perennials usually bloom for one season each year. You can find a beautiful selection of annuals at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply, and the flowers are ideal for planting in window boxes, planters, and hanging baskets. For added color in flower beds and around the borders of gardens, trees, and walkways, annual flowers are ideal.

3-What is a Biennial?

Biennials have a life span that fits between annuals and perennials because they live up to two years. In the first season, they grow from seed and form large roots and stems, where a store of energy is built up. That energy is used the subsequent season to form flowers, fruit, and seed. Cauliflower, turnips, and cabbages are all biennials, as are foxgloves and wallflowers.

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