How To Reinvigorate Your Lawn with Over-seeding
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How To Reinvigorate Your Lawn with Over-seeding

Have you been thinking about adding lawn seeds to your existing lawn to achieve a more robust appearance? A vibrant green, lush lawn is the goal of most homeowners, but lawns are often more lifeless than luxuriant. And with such challenges as drought stress, insects, disease, sandy soil, and more, it’s no wonder Florida lawns are often sparse. Thankfully, there is a simple solution known as “over-seeding.” It basically involves spreading grass seed over your existing lawn.

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Tips for Over-seeding your Lawn

gardening tips in Tampa FLLate spring through mid-summer is the best period of time for over-seeding your lawn because Florida-friendly grasses germinate in warmer soil temperatures.

Choose the Most Appropriate Lawn Seeds

The best type of lawn seeds to add to your lawn depends upon your existing grass and the problems affecting its growth. If heat has caused thinning of your grass, you may want to overseed with Bermuda or zoysia grass, both of which are heat-tolerant and drought-tolerant. If you have partial shade on your lawn, a good seed choice is St. Augustine. If you’re going for lush grass in winter, rye grass may be your best option.

First Step: Mow Low

Before adding seed to your lawn, mow your grass so that light can get through the existing grass to the seeds. Sunlight is needed for germination. A grass height of 1 ½ inches is ideal. Rake the lawn after mowing to remove dead grass and loosen the soil, allowing germinated seeds to root more easily.

Consider Adding Soil

To help the grass seeds in your yard take root, you may want to add about a quarter inch or less of enriched soil to your lawn. Note that it’s important not to put so much soil that it kills the existing grass.

Aerate the Lawn

Another step you can take to ensure that water and air can reach past the existing grass roots to the seeds you’re going to add, fully aerate your lawn with a core aerator. Rentals are available at garden centers. Pass the aerator over your lawn in sections, the same as when mowing the lawn. Allow the cores removed from your lawn to stay in place and dissolve.

Rent a Vertical Mower

Next, to further improve the results of over-seeding, rent a vertical mower, which is also available at garden centers. Set blade depths and gouge out strips of grass to ensure that the grass seeds to be added will have direct contact with the soil.

Spread the Seeds

Distribute seeds on your lawn by pouring them into a seed broadcaster and walking the machine across your lawn in strips.

Nurture the Seeds

During the germination process, keep your lawn moist. For the first two full weeks, water frequently and lightly, up to twice daily. Gradually cut back on watering times until you are watering every 10 days, adding about an inch of water.

Continue Mowing Low

After you’ve added the seeds to your lawn, mow your grass at ½ inches in height to be sure the seeds get needed sunlight. Once the seedlings have grown to a height of about 1 ½ inches, gradually raise the blades until they are at a mowing height of 3 inches.

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