Reasons Why You Should Give Raised Bed Gardening A Try
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Tips for Successful Raised Bed Gardening

Raised bed gardening is ideal if you have a limited amount of time for gardening. Actually, no matter how much time you have, raised bed gardens offer terrific benefits. Enjoy a more abundant harvest using less space and use the precise soil needed for your plants. You have no roots or stones to contend with, and weeding is less of an ordeal.

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Start out by picking up the things you need at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply. We have exceptional gardening supplies, and that’s why the pros in the area come here. We have all the tools, material, and hardware items you might need as well as raised beds, plants, soil, and fertilizers. The following are some tips for ensuring success with your raised bed garden.

Raised Beds

You can choose from a wide range of raised beds or buy kits and supply the lumber yourself. Raised beds come in galvanized steel, composite wood, and recycled plastic. Elevated raised beds are perfect if no-bend gardening is best for you. The number of beds you purchase should be based on the number of plants you want to grow.

Another consideration may be the amount of space you have with the right sun and shade conditions your crop of plants needs to thrive.

Rich Soil

The soil blend you can fill your raised bed garden with will be superior to any native soil in your yard. This is a top benefit of a raised bed garden since soil is the component of any garden that does most to ensure a great outcome. With loose, nutrient-rich soil that contains organic matter, roots can flourish and sustain healthy growth.

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Prepare the Area

Unless you are using elevated raised beds, it is important to prep the ground before placing the beds. Any grass or weeds should be removed. Using a shovel or garden fork, loosen the native soil approximately 6” to 10” deep for better moisture retention and drainage in the raised beds. Doing this also extends the growing room for potatoes, carrots, tomato plants and most vegetables you may choose to plant in your raised beds.

Plan an Irrigation System

One of the potential drawbacks to raised bed gardens is that they tend to dry out quickly when the weather is hot and dry. Adding mulch after you plant your garden will help the soil retain moisture.


For irrigation, the top two strategies used are drip irrigation and soaker hose. By installing an irrigation system before planting, you will save many hours of watering with your hose by hand in the weeks to come.

Install a Weed and Root Barrier

If large trees are near your garden area or if you are concerned about weeds, you could do yourself a favor and install a barrier at the bottom of the raised bed. Weed barriers are available, along with all of these other supplies, at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply. However, thick corrugated cardboard or a bit of old carpet could also serve as a barrier.

Maximize Productivity

It may be a temptation to plant too generous a number of plants, as you envision your productive garden. Overcrowding of plants should be avoided, however, because the individual plants become stressed by poor air circulation and the

Access Cypress Creek Landscape Supply online and prepare your order for raised bed gardening at your convenience or call us at 813-933-7944. Feel free to stop by and visit our 2-acre oasis for the raised bed supplies you need. We are located at 12734 N. Florida Avenue in Tampa, FL.