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4 Pro Gardening Tips for Beginners

home flower gardenIf you are just starting out in gardening, the best thing to do is learn some of the secrets of the pros. The best gardening tips help you avoid common mishaps and frustrations and cultivate beautiful flourishing plants on your first try. Poet Alfred Austin said, “The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul.”

One way to ensure that you enjoy your new venture is to visit the complete garden center at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply, where you can find everything you need for successful gardening. From Florida-friendly plants and bulk items such as potting soil and gravel to fertilizers and fungicides as well as pottery and patio furniture, Cypress Creek Landscape Supply has what you need for your garden. These expert gardening tips for beginners can help you increase your enjoyment.

1. Create a Gardener’s Portfolio

Part of the beauty of a garden is the assortment of different plants, and it can be difficult to keep up with all the details of what you’ve planted. As you start out, consider creating your own scrapbook or gardening portfolio. A basic photo album could work. Insert plant tags and sticks into the pockets. Add any details you would like to have for future reference. Record where plants were purchased and where they are in your garden. To liven up your gardening scrapbook, you may want to add photos or sketches of your garden.

2. Create a No-Stick Surface on your Shovel

There are various types of soil common to Florida, including some rich in clay. When dealing with clay, it helps when your gardening shovel has a no-stick surface. Simply apply silicone spray lubricant to your shovel. After that, any mucky soil you work with will slide right off the shovel’s surface. Choose a lubricant containing Teflon or silicone, and periodically recoat your shovel.

lighten flower pot with packing peanuts3. Lighten Up Heavy Pots

Gardening is a real workout but that doesn’t mean you have to strain your back unnecessarily. Make it easier to move a heavy pot by filling half the pot with foam packing peanuts–but first make sure they aren’t the kind of packing peanuts that dissolve in water. Next, add a fitted piece of landscape fabric over the layer of packing peanuts. Then add the soil and the plant. To further lighten up a large potted plant, use a lightweight potting mix containing peat moss and vermiculite.

4. Make a DIY Portable Potting Center

Add a shelf to your wheelbarrow by cutting a piece of plywood to fit the back end and use wood cleats on the sides to keep the shelf in place. Now you can handily keep soil in the wheelbarrow and take your surface for potting into the garden with you.

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