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Low-Maintenance Garden Ideas

Gardens can be grown to perfectly suit the preferences of any gardener, and that includes low-maintenance gardeners. Whether you don’t have the time for heavy gardening work or you simply prefer to use your time in other ways, you can plant a garden that requires minimal attention. For anyone who wants help to ensure that they can kick back and enjoy a low maintenance garden, Cypress Creek Landscape Supply (CCLS) is the place to visit.

Rocks for GardeningWe have the supplies you need for a practically effortless garden, including perennials and materials such as rock, stone, pebbles, and gravel. Our gardening experts also possess the know-how to help you choose the best plants for your purposes. We will also be glad to tell you more than you can learn from the narrow plastic strips provided with plants from big box stores.

Below, learn some garden ideas that will help to ensure that you can truly enjoy your own beautiful landscaping with minimal garden maintenance required.

Low-Maintenance Planting

Obviously, the plants you choose have a lot to do with how much work is required in your garden. To keep garden-tending simple, the most effective thing to do is limit plant variety. Choose five to ten plant varieties for a seriously low-maintenance garden. This will allow you to be effortlessly confident of what each type of plant needs, and dealing with weeds will be easier.

When a plant is “low-maintenance,” it doesn’t require frequent watering, spraying, or pruning in order to be healthy and aesthetically pleasing. Also, fertilizer requirements are low, and low-maintenance plants have few disease and pest issues. Finally, the plants must be suitable for growth in the challenging soil common in Florida. In other words, the plants should be tolerant of or adapted to poor-quality alkaline, limestone-based or sand-based soils.

The following are plants to say no to in your easy-care garden:

  • No plants that attract hungry rabbits and slugs–which means stay away from hostas, among other types of plants.
  • No plants that require staking, such as delphiniums.
  • No ivy or other types of climbers. Those that don’t need support are impossible to control and those that do need support require constant tying in.
  • No vegetables.
  • No seed-sowing.
  • No bedding plants.
  • No annuals.

Dwarf Morning Glory FlowerGood options for an easy-breezy garden include evergreen shrubs, such as lavender, daphne, and euonymus. Wildflowers are virtually effortless. Other low-maintenance flowers include:

  • Lantana Camara, better known as Florida Lantana
  • Coreopsis aka Tickseed, which is the Florida State Flower.
  • Evolvulus or Dwarf Morning Glory
  • Nemesia Caerulea, known simply as Nemesia

CCLS, for Uncomplicated Gardening

Be sure and visit Cypress Creek Landscape Supply for your gardening supplies. We like to think of ourselves as the one-stop gardening supply store. That’s partly because we do everything in our power to secure any plants, supplies, or other products that we don’t keep in stock. However, we have a wide selection of supplies on hand, including bulk items such as topsoil, washed seashells, and fill dirt. Visit our Garden Center, where you can find gardening tools, stone furniture, wind chimes, and products that will help you nurture your flourishing low-maintenance garden. Visit us at 12734 N. Florida Ave., Tampa, FL, or call today at (813) 933-7944.