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How to Install Landscape Fabric for Weed Control

Weed control is a smart way to simplify your gardening life and enjoy your landscape with fewer frustrations. Laying down landscape fabric is a highly affordable solution to the weed problem. No harm is done when you use breathable landscape fabric because it allows air, water, and some essential nutrients to get to the soil and provide nourishment to your desirable plants. Proper installation of landscape fabric is important, however, to enjoy the best results.

Landscaping Supply Store In New Tampa, FlGetting any gardening job done right means having the landscaping supplies you need. At Cypress Creek Landscape Supply in Tampa FL, we are the trusted source for gardening and landscaping needs. Residents and professionals alike visit our 2-acre oasis and our landscape center to find everything required for successful landscaping and gardening, including pebbles in bulk supply, Florida-friendly plants, fungicides, soil, and much more. The following are tips for laying down landscape fabric.

Prepare the Ground

Begin your project by pulling or digging out any existing weeds in the garden bed. Next, use a fork or tiller to turn the garden soil.


This is the time to add compost and other beneficial additives, working them into the soil. Do all of the soil preparation work because the soil will be covered by the fabric. Smooth out the area and remove debris from the soil, including rocks, roots, and sticks.

Lay the Landscape Fabric

Once the ground is flat, smooth, and ready, unroll the landscape fabric. A good strategy is to begin at one edge and unroll the fabric lengthwise. Use scissors or a utility knife to cut the fabric. To prevent weeds from growing between gaps in the fabric, overlap the pieces by 12”.

For existing plants already in place in the gardening area, cut slits in the landscape fabric. The slit should be positioned around the stems of the plants.

Landscaping Supply Store in Carrollwood, FLSecure the Fabric

Once you’ve laid out the landscape fabric, smooth it over the soil to prevent lumps and bunching. Every few feet, push a landscape staple into the ground through the fabric. Use staples to secure landscape fabric edges and joints where the fabric overlaps. Keep in mind that you will also be adding mulch later, and it will also help to secure the positioning of the landscaping fabric.

Add New Plants

For each new plant you add to your garden, cut an X into the landscape fabric. Under the X, dig a hole and place the plant inside. Be sure roots are covered with soil. Replace the landscape fabric over the soil.

Add Mulch

Cover the landscape fabric with rock or about 2 inches of mulch. Natural mulches you can choose from include pine needles, wood chips, and hay. Be careful that you don’t pile mulch against the stems. If you are using stone as ground cover, be careful that the landscape fabric is not damaged when you use a rake to spread and smooth out the ground cover.

When it is time to get supplies, visit Cypress Creek Landscape Supply. We work hard to be the one-stop gardening center that meets the needs of gardeners in our area. In addition to everything required to ensure that your plants can flourish, we offer patio items such as stone furniture, pottery, and high-quality windchimes in a range of sizes. Stop by to see us today at 12734 N Florida Ave. or call us at 813-933-7944.