How To Care For Your Plants In Hot Florida Weather
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Hot Florida Weather Plant Care Tips

Wilting SunflowerThe stifling heat of summer in Florida can be tough on your landscape, and some extra care may be needed to keep your plants alive and thriving. The issues that put stress on plants in hot weather include excessive heat, not enough water, too much wind, and lack of mulch. Below, learn signs that your plants are in distress and tips for helping your plants flourish in summer. For all of your gardening supplies, you can rely on Cypress Creek Landscape Supply, whether you live in Tampa FL or any of the surrounding communities. We offer bulk items such as mulch, topsoil, and gravel. We also have the perfect plants for each season of the year.

Signs that Plants are Distressed

Every plant has its own reaction to weather conditions. The sweltering heat of summer has negative effects on some plants but not others. When plants begin to suffer from heat-related issues, they can be saved all the way up to a certain point. The following are indications of water loss or heat stress in plants:

  • Wilting leaves
  • Browning of leaves
  • Premature leaf drop
  • Dry soil or dry root zone
  • Spotting of foliage

Plant Care Tips for Hot Weather

Browning and leaf drop are both signs of real stress, but it doesn’t mean a plant is dead. As long as branches and stems still bend and don’t snap, recovery is possible. The following tips can help with plant recovery, and they can also help prevent stress from occurring in the first place.


Lack of moisture is the biggest struggle for gardeners in summer. There are several ways to address the problem. First, water your garden consistently. Neglecting a watering schedule in very hot weather can result in plant distress very quickly.

Secondly, water at the most advantageous times of day, if at all possible. Early in the morning and late in the evening are the best times to water because the sun doesn’t quickly come along and cause evaporation. Instead, the water has time to seep into the soil before the scorching rays of the sun cause moisture loss.

Thirdly, if you have fresh transplants in your garden, create small trenches around each of the plants. The trenches should extend out a bit past the edges of the plant’s crown. This will help to channel rainwater so that it gets to the plants’ roots. Also, dig the hole for transplants a bit deeper than usual.


Mulching Your Garden

Mulch is great because it cools soil temperatures and maintains moisture in the soil. Organic mulch made with bark and wood chips is available at Cypress Creek Landscape Supply in a variety of natural colors. Choices include cocoa brown mulch, light brown and gold mulch made from cypress bark and pine bark, gold mulch, and red pine bark. Old leaves and grass clippings also work well as mulch.

Wind and Sun Breaks

Wind worsens the conditions of a garden on days when temperatures are excessively high. The sun itself can be harsh. You can create wind breaks and shade in various ways, to give your plants relief.

Good Soil

Survival in summer can begin with the soil you have in your garden. Well-nourished, healthy soil and disease-free plants can better survive hot weather in Florida.

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